Thursday, April 23, 2015

A trip to our other Home!

For valentines weekend we went down to Driggs for about a week. We had a blast! I think it has been my favorite trip back to visit yet! We really enjoy it there and wish it wasn’t so far away. This was Weston's first trip to Idaho. He is almost 6 weeks here.

We got there late at night and the next morning my girls ran outside to play in the snow. Kynleigh layed down and started making a snow angel. Funny girl. The snow was awful for this time of year there. Usually there is 2 feet, but as you can see it was pretty spotty. Lots had melted. This is was not normal for a February there. 
 Luckily the mountains still had lots of snow to enjoy cause we spend a lot of time there! My awesome friend Jessica taught Raegan to ski. She was a natural and loved it!

 Here is Raegan, Whitley and Craig Calderwood. The reason I think Raegan did so good was the fact that her best friend (Whitley) ski's and Raegan wanted to keep up with her. It was so much fun watching them ski together.
Kynleigh was itching to learn but we didn't let her the first day we went up. I so wish I would of taken more advantage of the ski hill when we lived in Driggs. It is so close and I only went a few times a year. I'm pretty sure if I lived there I would try to go every week  :) Kynleigh wanted to run off the magic carpet instead of stay still and ride it up the bunny hill.   (notice Weston in the sling I am wearing)
 Weston got to join in on the action too. The weather was so nice. it was in the 40's but since the sun was out it felt like 60 degrees... perfect ski weather!
These pictures were from the second day we went up. Raegan still was loving it, we forgot her snow pants down at Grandma's so she went without since it was a warmer day. Kynleigh finally got a turn at the hill. She was surprisingly good. We never let her go down by her self like Raegan, but she sure enjoyed it!
 Look at that face! Pure joy and excitement. Little daredevil!
 It wouldn't be a fun time in Idaho with out a sledding party.
This picture brings back so many old but good memories of snowmobiling in College with these two. (John and Chantz) Those were the days!
I'm glad that we are able to keep our sledding party tradition alive with Scott and Crystal. 
 Weston enjoyed sledding too.
 Did I mention that I got to go snowboarding one day and John took care of the kids. (what a great husband) I loved every second of it. I was so worried I wouldn't remember how to snowboard, since it had been a couple years, but luckily it came back to me! Jessica and I took ski bus in college together. We have an exact picture like this from back in 2008
John spotted a herd of Elk next to the airport in Driggs. There were so many. 
 Grandma Strong was loving on Weston. We were glad we got to go visit.
This little kiddos (minus Craig) played so much. They all got along really well too. We also got to go swimming over in Jackson with Calderwood's and Hansen's.
 We also got to visit the Lemieux's. Paige had just had her little guy a week before we came to visit. Here is a picture of Weston and Steele together. John will often say randomly, it's too bad we don't live in Idaho,Steele and Weston would be best friends. haha! They are 4 weeks apart. They can still be best buds and not live in the same state! :)
 Here is London, Scarlette, Raegan and Kynleigh.
We hope to go back and visit soon!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Weston John Strong

Weston John Strong was born January 7, 2015
The afternoon before he was born (Jan. 6th) I had a doctor’s appointment and I asked my Doctor to strip my membrane. She told me she couldn’t because I was not yet 39 weeks. I explained to her that I had been having contractions for a few hours a time that was 10 to 15 minutes between each contraction…nothing ever got closer than that.  At this appointment I was dilated to a 4cm and was 80% effaced. Since I was going to be 39 weeks in just a few days and already so far dilated, she gave in and striped my membranes. After that appointment I went home and my mom said she was going to keep the kids that night, just in case! It was a good thing she did! That evening I went into this deep cleaning frenzying. I pulled out couched and vacuumed behind them and also the window sills. I then got on the treadmill and walked a mile and half. After I got off the treadmill my contractions started. There were 5 minutes apart.  I made dinner for John and I, we had Waffles and bacon (yummy). After dinner I told John my contractions were 5 minutes apart. He was convinced the baby was coming out right that minute! HA! I told him it wasn’t going to happen that fast. I wait about an hour than we headed to the hospital. We decided not to tell me family or anyone that we were headed to the hospital. It was 9pm at this point. We got to the hospital, they hooked me to their machines to count my contractions. They made me wait for 2 hours with contractions ever 4-5 minutes apart. They were stronger at this point. The reason they told me they couldn’t admit me was due to the fact that I wasn’t 39 weeks yet and that this was their procedure. LAME! (Idaho falls hospital never did this) Finally, after what seemed like forever, they admitted me and I had them give me an epidural right away. I didn’t want the same thing to happen like it did with Kynleigh. If you’re paying for an epidural, might as well get to enjoy the benefits of it.  The nurse came in at one point and I was only at 7cm. She had me roll to my other side and before she left the room and I told her I felt like I needed to push…The baby was coming… So she came back and checked me and I was at a 10cm. She told me not to push as she went to call for the doctor. Luckily he was in the Hospital still. The Doctor came in and after 3 short painful pushes, Weston was born! He came out healthy and strong and with some good lungs. He was born at 2:39am weighing 7lbs. 9oz and was 20 1/2 inches long. My heart was so happy. It was an instant love for this baby! There is no greater feeling than bringing a child into this life and we feel so truly blessed that we have been able to experience this 3 times.  I sure love my little children! They make my heart so full!

 Raegan and Kynleigh's first time seeing their brother. They both were SO happy
Papa and Grandma's first visit. 
 For the first couple months after having Weston, Raegan insisted on bringing her baby and carrier EVERYWHERE we went. It was really sweet. She is a great big sister.
Probably won't be his last time playing babies with his sisters. haha
 This picture makes me SO happy!
About ready to leave the hospital and go home for the first time as a family of 5!
This picture is my favorite. Caught right in the middle of a yawn. He is oh so sweet! 

Christmas 2014

Remember when its April and I'm just barely catching up on the blog, once again! :/

Christmas was very quite this year. No big trips, no 
huge family planned activities, just a peaceful morning with our  little family celebrating the birth of our Savior.

The Girls were good help this year when it came to decorating the tree. A majority of the ornaments were on the bottom half!
 Raegan thought it was pretty neat that she was able to put the star on this year!
 We had our traditional "Edler girls" candy making party! I look forward to this every year! Thanks for starting this tradition Aunt Janet. I've learn lots of new things and the candies are always SO yummy
I wish Bree lived closer to us. Her and Kynleigh would be best-est of friends. Maybe one day they will! :)
 Gingerbread making was a success. But note to self; when Kynleigh leaves and is unusually quite, that means she has found my make up, my poor "Naked" pallet (eye shadow) will never be the same! She sure is cute though!
The girls loved painting homemade ornaments too. 
 Raegan wouldn't even get close to Santa at our ward Christmas party, so to think Kynleigh would, was a shot in the dark! haha Santa Fail! (These are the best pictures though!)
 This somehow is the only picture I have of the girls on Christmas (I have video). I don't know if I forgot to take pictures of them opening presents or I accidentally deleted them off my camera before saving them...I think I deleted them. Which makes me SO sad to think about!  But at least we have one from my phone! Love these two little stinkers!
Playing games at the farm house on Christmas night!
Here is our Strong Family scrapbook page that we mail to everyone each year for Christmas!