Monday, September 22, 2014


 One Sunday afternoon we went on a family friendly hike up the landslide that's by my parents house with the Eppich's and Michael and Brittany. 
Raegan and Remi had a lot of fun!

 This picture cracks me up. Kynleigh must of gotten a little too warm in her coat, so John decided to wear it on his head. haha
Taking a little break at the "waterfall"

Raegan learned to ride a pedal bike

 For Raegan's 3rd birthday we bought her a Strider balance bike. She didn't really care about it that summer we got it but as soon as winter was over and it was starting to warm up outside we got some good use out of it by going on walks down our road. It didn't take her all but a couple rides to figure out her balance.
 Than at the beginning of spring John thought she was ready to ride a pedal bike with no training wheels. Well, he was right. She literally took off on it on her second attempt. No scrapped knees, no bumps, no crashes at all! She loves going on bike rides now and I'm so glad she does because that means the stroller is that much lighter! She is so cute on her pedal bike.
(this picture is from later in the summer)

Friday, September 19, 2014


Time for some major catch up! I am so far behind and I keep avoiding it, but I know one day I'll be glad I kept this blog going.

Easter, April 20th, 2014
Easter is a major traditional holiday for my family! The night before we always lay out the clothes we wore that day into a little nest for the Easter bunny, than the next morning our nest are filled with some fun little gifts and he usually left hidden eggs in our house as well, sometimes with filled with money or sometimes candy. We have done this for as long as I can remember. Then after Church that Sunday a lot of the Edler relatives will get together and have a delicious meal and have a huge egg hunt followed by some outdoor fun.  The weather was a tad chilly this Easter, but nothing unbearable. This year we did something new. I made up a scavenger hunt since some of the cousins are getting older, I think they enjoyed that but next year will have to make it a little harder, those kids were too smart! :) My parents got an extra fun surprise this year! Michael and Brittany did a cute egg hunt announcing their pregnancy! We were all so shocked and so excited!!!

 Stuffing Easter eggs. I think there were close to 300 eggs.
 My parents rented a bounce house. It got lots of food use!
Kynleigh didn't think the egg hunt was all that cool, until she realized there was candy inside the eggs, than she was all about it. 
 Raegan found a lot of the money eggs this year. She was a lucky girl!
 It isn't a true Easter party till someone is caught napping! haha
 Off on the scavenger hunt!
 Michael and Raegan might of been the smarter ones at the scavenger hunt, who wants to run?! haha