Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rain, Garden, Pigs, and More Rain!

I am not very good at keeping everyone updated on what John and I have been up to lately. We are now living up in Driggs. We are currently living at John's mothers house. She has been very sweet to let us shack up here until we decided what step to take next in our little journey of life. I haven't minded it all that much. Since it has been raining for the last week and a flippin half (not happy about it) John has been working in the shop alot so i've been able to ride my little bike ;) down to help him out.
(Thanks to my Cricut, I have labeled the mini that John proposed with and he can no longer say it is his :P)

Luckly, our garden (my sister-in-law, Jenna and I's) sprouted before all the rain came, so mostly everything survived germination. . .except some russets I planted, they ended up molding. So today I ripped them out and planted some lavender and barley in its place. I love how these two plants look when they are dried. I can't wait. John's mom has a pretty big green house so we were able to plant sweet corn, cucumbers, tomatoes and watermelon in there... being at such high elevation and having cold weather all the dang time, we don't have much of a chance at growing these outside.
On another note, our piggys are growing rapidly. This cooler weather is keeping them eating at fat'ning them right up!! We got our two cute little pigs about a month ago now. They have been so fun to have. John treats them like they were our kids. He is always checking on them and feeding them left-overs. Its cute! haha, who would of thought such an agressive hunter could love animals so much. :) The first day we had them they keep getting out, no thanks to the dogs that jumped in after them. John said if he hadn't of paid money for them, he would of had killled them that day. haha. We ended up naming them, Pork Chops and Sammy the Hammy. . .you can tell whats on our mind. . . MEAT! haha
This last weekend we decided we weren't going to wait around for the sun to be out. We went on a ride up Packsaddle and went fishing. It was nice weather on the way up there, then about 5 minutes into our fishing it started pooring. We stayed as long as we could stand the rain and cold weather. On the way back down it was SO muddy and freezing. I had to stop to warm my finger on the exhaust. Oh funny part of the day though-We came upon this huge puddle and I was not about to go through it, so I watched and waited for john to go through first. This thing was like 15 ft long. With water only about a foot deep, john had made it half way through until his front tire sunk on his bike. HAHA I was almost peeing my pants watching. He made it through and definitly made my mind up about finding a way around the puddle! good times!!!