Monday, April 29, 2013

Christmas..... in April

I am so behind on my Blog. Sitting at the computer is one of those things that unless there is nothing else to do than I will do it but I'd rather pull weeds in the garden than sit on the computer and do various things...

Hence that is why I am just uploading Christmas.  I knew it had to get done before May cause I was stretching it too far and would feel dumb to post about it so late!

Christmas 2012  (Kynleigh does not know what to think in these pictures)
 The Elf on the Shelf found our house. He didn't get a name yet, just Mr. Elf maybe next year when Raegan is a little older we will name him. She thought it was fun waking up to him in different spots every morning. After a week or so it got old to her and didn't have much interest. Next year will be fun though.
 Santa came and visited Teton springs and we got to see him. Raegan was still afraid of him, but really, what kid isn't? He is kind of a scary looking Santa! haha This was the best picture we could get. At least John is looking :)
 The kids got to ride in Santa's sleigh.
 Look at how tiny she use to be. She looks so much like an Anderson to me in this picture.
 Our Christmas tree! This sucker was our pride and joy. We had spotted it the year previous and went and chopped it down this last year. It was one of the better looking trees I've seen in the mountains!
 Making Christmas candies and cookies is always a fun tradition!
 This picture is Raegan to a T! If you could see the other side of it you would see that she has her thumb in her mouth caring her blanket around! I love the image I captured here!
 Our little fishermen got this fun fishing game for Christmas. She thought it was the coolest thing ever. She also has her own fishing pole and is surprisingly an awesome caster! she can cast that thing quite a ways!
Little Kynleigh didn't like her Christmas jammies much! haha  I think she looks cute!
 My two sisters got shotguns for Christmas so we spend Christmas day shooting clays. It was freezing out but we made the best of it and were out there for quite some time!

 This picture is rather awesome! haha Morgan thinks our family needs to start a hunting show like duck dynasty. Our family might be crazy like theirs but I don't think we could ever make the cut! haha
 We were so happy that it snowed on Christmas! But who isn't happy to get snow on Christmas day! :) We played out side all night long being pulled behind the four wheeler and sledding down a big hill on my parents farm. 

We had another great Christmas and were so glad we were able to spend it with our family celebrating our Saviors birth!


This last winter went by so fast for us. We did so many fun out door activities. I was worried that Kynleigh was going to be too little to do things with us this past winter but she was a little trooper and came right along with us.

This was Kynleigh's first snowmobiling trip. My cousins have this awesome sno-coach so we just stuck her in there in her car seat and she was out for the ride! Raegan didn't like it so much in there so she ended up riding on the snowmobile with John. After our ride we sledded down this big hill by the parking lot up in Pomeroy WA and than roasted hot dogs. John Morgan and I took my parents big triple tube up to the top of the hill and came down on it. We didn't' think it would go as fast as it did. We hauled so fast to the bottom and were headed to a huge tree, luckily I hurried and jumped half off and dragged myself to slow us down otherwise we might of ended up with some broken bones, instead we only walked away with a little road rash. HAHA It was a thrill...I would do it again! We use to go to a cabin up there every winter so we have SO many great memories in those mountains. It was fun to go back and take our girls.

 We sure love Ice fishing. We went a couple times this winter and took Grandma Strong with us. She really enjoyed it and we were glad to have her there with us!

 This is what happens when the fishing is bad...everyone ends up in the tent drinking hot coco

 Another time we just went out to Connie's Pond in Victor, ID. My sister Alison and John's brother Luke joined us. We caught SO many fish this day. We got to the point that we were sick of catching them.

Sledding at Kay's Hill. Sledding here with Scott and Crystal is a tradition. Sledding is one of those activities that no matter how old I get I don't think I will ever out grow it.
Another fun tradition we do every winter is being pulled behind either a four wheeler or a snowmobile. This picture is our friends Lagrand and Abbie with Raegan and their little guy Jaxson.
One of our visits home to WA we were able to go ice skating. Raegan is still a little young for it and had a tough time but we enjoyed skating around with my family.

John and I were also able to get a few snowmobile rides in ourselves but not many. John ended up selling his snowmobile because it was having one problem after the next. We are a family that definitely loves our Winters and as much as I complained about Driggs and its LONG winters we will for sure miss them! As crazy as it sounds, I am missing winter right now!