Monday, March 16, 2009

We're moving!!

John and I are doing great! We went to Boise this last weekend for a meeting for work, so it was fun for a switch up on our regular weekends. We are so excited...we bought a new T.V. We have been saving our dimes and nickles up since we got married to put in our "T.V. fund" and we finally saved up enough. Its so nice, we love it. The only bad thing is, is that we watch tv so much more now. We use to never watch it cause our T.V. before was one of those way old school ones and about ever 15 minutes you'd have to get up and hit the side of it to keep the screen from going black. Thats what the beginning of marriage life is all about though. haha!

We are moving from our cute little "Sugar City shack". We'll be moving up to Driggs this summer once the high school where I work is out. We decided that now would be a good time to get out of our contract while BYU-I is changing semesters. We will probably live in John sisters house till we move us to Driggs. No one is currently living in her home cause she is trying to sell, so it'll be kind of ideal. We've already had over 15 people come check out our place. So we are deffinitly moving here in the next month. I'll be sad to leave here. We've made so many great memories in our place!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

I am so proud of what John and I can whip together. This last saturday after we went ridding, I wanted to build a big barn wood frame so I can blow up one of our wedding pictures to put it in. Well right when I was decideding on what size to make it, I remember John had showed me some pictures that he bought before his left for home on his mission that he wanted to make frames for one day. So instead, two years later, we finally got them down. We haven't bought glass for our frames yet, but we are leting the pictures under neath them flatten becauase they have been rolled up in a tube for quiet some time. I was so excited to get them done and I LOVE these pictures. We just need a bigger place so there will be room to hang them.
Last sunday, as I was cleaning up dishes from breakfast, I was standing over the air vent and my skirt flew up like this....
...John thought it was the funniest thing in the world, so he had to take a picture. So here it is! that darn air vent though, we have a gas stove and I swear all the air to our house blows out of the freakin vent, its was to strong. One night I had made some soup for dinner and I turned the stove on low. Well after I had taken the pot of the stove I forgot it was still on. That freakin vent blew out the flame, so propane was running out the whole time while we were country dancing that night. We got home and our house was so strong smelling of propane. If anyone has lightened a match anywhere close, our place would of blown up. It was so scary! We had to leave all the windows and doors open for over 30 minutes before the smell was finally gone. . . And then, a couple days ago I was making dinner once again (it never ends :P) and that freaking vent kicked on and the stove was on high, the flame singed a good amount of my hair on my left forearm. I was so sad. haha, I didn't even realize it till john was all what is on your arm, well it was all the freaking burnt up hair. I almost cried I was so sad!! haha