Monday, March 11, 2013


We had a surprise on Thanksgiving day. My parents, Randy and Jody, and Morgan showed up. They weren’t supposed to get in till that night but ended up leaving the night before and staying in Rexburg than showing up that morning. We were glad they did because we had SO much food. Sandra and Caleb, Luke, Alison and one of her roommates Emily, joined us for thanksgiving as well! This was my second time housing thanksgiving, but my first time actually being in charge of the turkey. Tom the Turkey tasted pretty good, so I think I must be a pretty good host! Haha I didn’t ruin thanksgiving!

The next day we went and cut down Christmas trees, which has been Johh and I's tradition since we have been married. This tree was for Alisons apartment. The tree we cut down for our house was one we had picked out the year before-luckly it was still there!  :) It was a way good looking tree!

First snowman of the year

Playing Catch up today.

This was back at the beginning of November.

We finally got enough snow to make a snowman. So while Kynleigh was sleeping, we played outside in the snow. Raegan loves playing in the snow
 Raegan is such a good help. She loves to bake and scramble eggs. This girl loves cookie dough.