Friday, September 11, 2009

My latest creations!

Here are a few of my latest creations. I wish I had more time to craft. But i guess if i'd have anymore time, i'd need a bigger place to live. :) I've been quiet impressed with myself lately in what i've been able to make. I have learned to cut out blocks, make frames, and use all resourses to try and be creative! John keeps telling me that I can't make anything else until i start selling them. haha, he is crazy! :) Now if i was to tell him he can't kill anymore animals until he starts selling them he'd think i was crazy! Silly boy! I can't get this darn picture flipped around, but this is a wedding gift I made. I have made a few others lately but they have been in different colors.
This one is probably my favorite. I saw this saying and went from there. It is made entirely from scratch. To bad it doesn't fit in my camper! HAJohn and I were out huntin the other night right next to a grain field and knew it would make for a perfect decoration for fall. So, i took some :) This is very easy to make and super cute!This are the blocks my sister in law Brittany and I made while i was up visiting WA. I was able to take my cricut with me, I love told Brittany, who just bought one that she now has a new love in her life! It is so true! hahaha We had a lot of fun making them and can't wait to go home to WA again....maybe christmas blocks next time?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fair Week

A couple weeks ago I drove up to Washington for a visit with my family. Come to find out they didn't want me to come up and be on "vacation" it was more to come up and work! haha. I was able to help out with fair week. My family has been showing animals for quiet some time now, and even though its a pain in the butt. . . deep down we all enjoy it! This was the start of the week, right before we took the pigs in , they got a little Bath. You can tell who is doing all the work....not the little one in the back ;)
Here is my sister Morgan and Alison showing there oinkers.
For the rodeo that was Wed-Sat, we hitched grandpas horses twice each night. The first was just a run through before the rodeo showing off the team. Than, the second time was in the middle of the rodeo, we gave rides out in the arena for those who received awards, so us as the crew had to run out there and hold horses while the people who received awards got their pictures taken. Thats why we are all matching. While we were holding horses, the rodeo clown was hitting on us, hahaha! :0)