Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Good thing I made that last stop at the fabric store to get the rest of the materials I needed for my quilt. Because i live in an Ice-Burg, School-or i should say the high school where i work got canceled because it was too freezing cold. I heard it got to -29 degrees the night before. crazy huh! Anyways, because of this I was able to spend all day working on my quilt. I was so excited to finally finish it. I am really happy with how it turned out. I personally think its even cuter in real life....haha! :)

Monday, January 26, 2009

What to do...

My husband has been gone now for the 5th day in a row for work and i'm giong a little crazy. You don't realize how much your rely on someone until they aren't there. Let me tell you...Sleeping all by my lone some in our little house for the first time was pretty scary. haha Good thing I have night lights everywhere. :) Anyways, to entertain my self while he has been gone i've been makings quite a few trips to the craft store. I have to entertain my self some how...and i get bored easily. I finally got a chance to work on a quilt that i've had the material for, for over a year. I just bought the backing for it today, so i am excited how the finish product will turn out. I will be sure to post a picture.

Also, while at the craft store the other day I wanted to make some type of decoration for Valentines day....and this is what I ended up making. kinda cute and fun to make!
Maybe next time John will think twice before leaving me for so long.

John and I made this mirror thingy not to long ago. I was so proud of our accomplishments. He is so good with helping me with crafts...even though he tells me i'm not aloud to put anymore holes in the walls. So if I want to change things up, i usually do it when he is gone and he doesn't usally notice for awhile. he he he. I trick him! :)
What made this project even better was the fact that it cost me like 15 bucks from start to finish to make it. If you buy one similar at a craft show they are usually asking like 60 bucks. -like i'm going to pay that. Who really goes to craft shows to buy things-its more like steal ideas. haha
I made another one and gave it to my mom for Christmas, i think she liked it...