Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Here are a few silly pictured of Raegan...
We had ribs for dinner the other night and I'm pretty sure they are her favorite. She went to town on them. We experienced her first crack in the head... Very traumatizing for me more than her. Luckily she didn't have to get stitches- mainly cause they couldn't hold her down. I'm kind of glad cause I didn't want them to shave part of her hair off that it took almost 15 months to grow. :)
Raegan loved huckleberry picking this year. Her and John ate way more than they picked, but we had a good time and have some stored away in the freezer, thanks to me.

Raegan will be 15 months next week. I can not believe it. She has queit the vocabulary and is great at coping what we say. Some of our favorite words and sounds of hers are- ban an an an a (with her tongue sticking out like a lizard) and cockooooo - cock a doodle do

Also I asked her if she wanted a banana this morning, she shook her head yes and than presided to show me the one she stored under the couch. Guess she has been storing her nuts away for winter- silly goose! She is very busy and one smart little girl. I just can't believe how fast kids grow!!!

Only in Idaho