Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Halloween and Fall festivities!

 Halloween was a crazy day for us! John worked part of the day, than we had to hurried and got ready to take the girls trick or treating to some old favorites! That is where they loaded their buckets. We only went to 5 house, but had plenty of candy to spare. Its all about quality not quantity on Halloween night! After that we rushed to my parents because I was hoping to have a quick little photo shoot of the girls....well that didn't work out so well! The best picture was of our dog. haha! Raegan had to bring Taco along cause he was her cow dog for the night-since she was a Rodeo queen and all! And our course you can't have a cowboy (cowgirl) without an Indian! The girls looked adorable and I think they had fun!

After stopping in at my parents we than rushed to Connell for the football game, It was senior night and Morgan is a senior so we had to go!
 We sure love going to the Country Mercantile! Especially in the fall! Raegan and Kynleigh had alot of fun riding the rides and petting the animals in the petting zoo!

Michael and Brittany's Baby shower

 We were able to throw a baby shower for my Brother Michael and sister in law Brittany, back in September! It was a couples shower, and it was a blast! Who made the rule boys can't come to baby showers anyways? Oh course we had to play those dumb baby shower games-cause with the men folk there-they would be funny!! ...and they were!!! I think its safe to say that everyone had a great time and enjoyed some yummy sweet pork nachos!
Their little Eleanor Olivia made her arrival on Oct. 23, 2014! and she is Perfect! These pictures are of the girls first meeting Eleanor! We were in California when she came, we were all so sad we missed it. We got to see here for the first time when she was 4 days old! Still as good! :) These three little girls are going to have so much fun growing up together! I think cousins are one of the best things in the world!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

California Trip

 We finally had the opportunity to go visit John's brother James. They live in Chico California. It was James's son, Tyler, mission farewell! We were glad we got to spend the weekend with them on such a special event! On our drive down we made a bathroom stop at this really steep cliff. We thought the sign was a little funny...and sad! haha! It was a really pretty river at the bottom of the step cliff.
James works for the Church walnut farm, so we got VIP tours of everything. It was amazing to see how the operation works. They were right at the end of harvest when we went down to visit.
 This is a sweeper that will go through the orchard and blow the nuts into rows right after the nuts have been shaken off the trees. I thought it looked a lot like the Bat mobile, I had to get a picture!
 We were able to tour the Nut packing shed! That is quite the operation as well! We were in awe at how man nuts cycle through and how clean they become through the process.
(we have coats on under these fancy white coats, that's why we look overly large! haha)
 There girls had a lot of fun while we were down there! Raegan taught us a thing or two about horse shoes- she is pretty good at that game.
 They also had pomegranate bushes down there! That was our first time ever seeing one. We got to pick a pomegranate and it was delicious! I wish they would grow here!
I think the girls enjoyed this huge tire swing they had in their back yard the most! We spend a lot of time pushing the kids on it!
Raegan was very brave and would go on really high rides with these crazy cousins of hers! She loves a good Thrill-I think she gets that from me! :)
 While we were busy pushing kids and taking pictures, I found miss Kynleigh hiding behind a tree chugging someones soda pop! haha little fart!
I think John became the favorite uncle while we were down there, they kids loved that he would play with them! 
 I didn't even get a good picture of Tyler on the day of his Farewell talk! But here is an after picture with Grandma Strong in the middle and some of her grand kids that were able to be there!
 We had a great time visiting family and were sad to leave!

CHS Cheer Clinic

Raegan participated in the Connell High cheer clinic again this year. This year they performed during a footaball game! My sister Morgan was in charge of it for her senior project, she did a great job! Raegan got to be in the same group as her favorite little cousin Emily and Morgan was their instructor! She had a blast and did a great job performing. She wasn't shy at all!She looked too stinking cute! The cheer clinic was at the beginning of October and October is breast Cancer awareness month, hence the pink shirts and hair bows!

Thursday, December 18, 2014


 We are always sad to see summer go, but because it was a HOT one, the change in temperatures has been nice. Here our some more activities to capture our summer!

A major benefit of living in a huge farming community is you have endless fruits and veggies! Weather it be our garden, an orchard or field, we seemed to always be stocked up!
 Raegan grew this carrot in her very own garden! She was so proud!
 We picked lots of Apples and than made applesauce. I love homemade applesauce.

 Corn picking at its finest! Those two little stinkers were actually really good help with picking corn. We would load their arms full than load ours and walk back to the pick up! I like to think I'm teaching them hard work at a young age! ;) Our freezer is now stocked full of freezer corn, and lots of freezer jam! YUM!

  If we weren't ridding the 4-wheelers around, we were usually on the mini bikes and 3 wheeler. This is us having Nerf wars on the minis...brought us back to our childhood! haha
 We spent a good amount of time down at the river, Jet skiing and playing in the sand! Morgan and I got sick of waiting for our brothers/husband to get off work to go, so we got good at going our selves!
 Doc McStuffins sure has taught these girls a thing or two! ;) Playing check up on our dog, Taco.
Oh but wait...we had to play check up on the neighbors horses too! On our walks we usually walked down to our neighbors horses and Raegan will ride her pedal bike. This particular time she begged to take her Doc Mobile, I gave in. :)
We got to have some play dates too! Aren't those some cute little boys mixed in with my girls! They are Jill Gibbs and Kendra Lybberts boys! These girls will have a good selection of boys to choose from once they are older ;)
This is Raegan and Grandpa....being silly as always!
This picture wraps up our summer in a nutshell! We played so hard, but slept even harder! She feel asleep during the middle of her dinner, it was so funny to watch, it happened in slow motion and we saw it coming and than, Bam! She was out! haha

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Kynleigh turns 2! 9/17/14

 Kynleigh Jane Strong turned two on the 17th of September!
 She is such a sweet, loving little girl! She loves to get dirty and play outside. She love Raegan and tries to do everything that she does. By the age of two Kynleigh had all her teeth, including her two year molars. She started teething at 4 months and never slowed down, they just came in one after the other. I believe she had them all by 16 months. (including her 2 year molars). She was potty trained the first week in August. She caught on to peeing in the potty in the first day and half and the other was a few days longer, mostly cause she was afraid of her poop. ha! silly girl! She has only had 1 accident at night and that was mostly my fault because we were away from home and I gave her way to many liquids and forgot to have her go potty before bed.  She is a very smart little girl and talks very well! She is so cute and we love that she has curl hair.
 I walked into the bathroom to find this. Who says you can't play dress up with last years Halloween costume that was 2 sizes too small! Love this picture!
 Kynleigh loves to eat fruit like her daddy! oh and Rock out too! ;)
 Life at our house consist of these stick horses. She occasionally likes to give her baby and stuff animal rides too!
 She loves physical contact and is the snuggler of the family. She usually sleeps with this stuffed animal puppy she has but when I walked into her room one night to see her snuggling to her baby, I had to take a picture.
 These two and their love for Horses and anything cowgirl is adorable!
 She loves her Olives too! and being silly!
 After going the first year of her life we hardly any hair, its growing rather quickly and is so blonde and curly! When she wakes up in the morning she looks like Einstein cause her hair is kinky and everywhere. I usually have to wet it down everything morning and add a little bit of gel to it to control the craziness. Her and brushes don't get along very well though so keeping its under control is rather hard, at least I have the advantage of knowing what to do because I have curly hair as well! :)
Kynleigh is going to be a good little artist. She loves drawing, painting and coloring. Whenever we do art activities, she definitely last longer and had more patients than her sister. She currently is obsessed with hearts. She has been drawing circles for awhile now (she calls them circle rounds) but recently has drawn a few heart shapes. I couldn't believe my eyes the first time she did it! She might be my best crafting buddy one day! :)
We love our little Kyn'ers and are SO glad she is part of our family!