Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Thanksgiving 2014

We spent Thanksgiving this year in Washington. We have spent most our married Thanksgivings down in Idaho, so it was a big change for us. (We sure missed all our Idaho family). Alison and Luke hosted it. It was a quiet, but good time. Thanksgiving fell on Alison's birthday this year, the 27th, so instead of celebrating Thanksgiving we just celebrated her birthday. We had crab and lobster for dinner and pumpkin cheesecake for dessert. It was nice, no one felt like the spent all day slaving away in the kitchen.
We normally go hunting Thanksgiving morning, but this year the boys decided to go riding on Basin City hill. It was way too cold of a morning for us girls to want to go. So instead we hoped in the pick up with a nice warm heater and watched them climb the hills. 
 Here are some pictures of our Thanksgiving. We all look a little tired. Thanksgiving is definitely a lazy day. To be honest I don't really care much for the holiday, but we get to be with family on that day so that is the bonus of it. After dinner we played some games than people kind of went their separate ways. We went over to my parents afterwards and watched the football game.

Disney on Ice

The 1st of November my whole family went to the Disney on Ice at the Toyota Center. We took Raegan last year to it and she loved it! Kynleigh was old enough this year that we figured she would love it too and she did! She sat and watched the whole thing. It's our tradition now for the girls to get new princess dresses to wear and attend the Disney on Ice. I think its a fun tradition!