Friday, June 13, 2014

Brian Regan concert

 A friend of my had the idea to buy our husbands Brian Regan tickets for Christmas. Well, since we didn't really do Christmas gifts this year because we were in the Caribbean I decide to give my to John for Valentines day. He was really excited. He often quotes Brian Regan. We had a good size group that was with us. We went out to eat at Costa Vida before the show, it was delicious as always. John really enjoyed the Concert. I personally felt that the guy who opened up  was funnier than Brian Regan himself. But I had never really listened to him before so I'm sure it is funnier if you know his jokes. Overall, we had a great time and enjoyed our group of friends that went with us!

Triple play

We were invited by the Eppich's to join their fun weekend getaway to Triple-Play. On our way there we stopped at the park in down town Spokane, rode the Carousel a couple times, feed the geese our left over lunch and played on the big red wagon! I think the kids enjoyed it!
Raegan and Remi spent a lot of time in the Hot tub! They are no dummies, they know what temperature of water feels best! :)
 Kynleigh spend most of her time on this slide. She LOVED it! She was pretty fearless on it!
 These two cuties with matching hair! :)

I'm so glad that our kids our close in age!
Kia getting warmed up to the slide, such a cute kid!
The Arcade was a hit with the kids. 
I think this was Kynleigh and Kia's first date! haha They were so cute on it together. 
It was a little cold outside for the Go-Carts but we sure had fun on them anyways. 
 I think John is trying to keep peace between the girls in this picture. They are a lot a like. Bowling with little babies is not enjoyable, we found out. Kynleigh just wanted the pins the whole times.

We had a great weekend! We hope to do something fun again with them soon! :)