Thursday, January 30, 2014

Our Christmas Cruise

The whole Anderson family went on a cruise over Christmas time. We had done this back in 2011 and loved it so much that we wanted to do it again! We flew into Puerto Rico and boarded our ship there. It was a 7 night cruise and we went to only 4 islands this time. We visited St. Thomas, St. Kitts, Aruba, and Curacao.
This is how you travel when you have two small children and you only bring a single stroller. That girl has pretty good balance.
 Our little family before dinner time

 (don't mind the ketchup on her face) This is one of my favorite pictures. Kynleigh's hair had a lot of curl down in the Southern Caribbean.
Keep scrolling down to see more posts of our trip. I only posted a handful of pictures from each island because I'm going to eventually make a book through so I will  be documenting about our trip in that! :)

St. Thomas

This was Kynleigh's first time to the ocean! She LOVED it. sShe is such a water baby so it made it that much better!
Raegan lost one of her flippers at this beach in the water (dumb things don't float) and every day when we got to a new island, she would ask, Maybe my flipper will be at this beach? haha poor thing.
This is how we entertained ourselves.
St. Thomas was one of our favorite islands. It is really pretty and has some of the better shopping. Probably because it's US owned.

St. Kitts

The second Island we went to was St. Kitts. We were here back in 2011. This is my favorite island yet. It is just a small island. It just feels like a tropical paradise and the people are always so nice!
Cockleshell Beach
 Raegan got cornrows. She looked so cute with them. This lady is so sweet and friendly.

 The girls got to pet their first monkey. Kynleigh was a little leery at first, but than realized she loved the monkey and was squeezing him, so we had to quickly give him back.
Till we meet again St. Kitts!

Christmas at Sea

 Santa found us out in the middle of the Caribbean. He left the girls a couple small gifts and in his note said he was going to our house next. Lucky girls ;)

 Raegan was SO excited to open one of her gifts to find a watch. This is all she asked for.
 Santa even hung out on the boat for awhile Christmas morning. He gave all the children good gifts too, we were surprised.
Soaking up the sun!
We all compete in a Volleyball tournament. It was a blast! haha we got 3rd.
Later in the day, John, Randy, Michael, Brittany, Alison and Luke compete in the dodge ball tournament. They did really good, and took 2nd.
Morgan, Jody and I were the photographers for it.
 During the evenings on the boat they offered free Face painting.
We were there often. :)
It was a great Christmas at Sea. Definitely one to remember!


This picture cracks me up! We didn't' know Raegan was sticking out her tongue in this picture till later that day
 We all went out on a catamaran to go snorkeling. The snorkeling wasn't the greatest we have been on but it was still a blast. We snorkeled a couple different spots. One was a ship wreck, that was really  neat.
Towards the end of our snorkel we just kept jumping on and off the boat doing tricks. haha! We felt like kids, it was a good time!
 The water in Aruba is gorgeous!! They also have the most beautiful white sandy beaches.
 Always goofing off. haha Morgan is pretty good at stunting. ha
The shopping wasn't that great because it was the day after Christmas and a lot of the nicer shops were closed. The girls got a couple fun souvenirs.
 Raegan walked all the way back to the boat with this little turtle on her shoulder. she thought she was pretty cool. haha


Curacao was our last island. We were pretty tired at this point in our trip, but weren't ready to go home yet.
Kynleigh learned to become a good stroller baby. She looks like such a chunk in this picture,  I love it!
He is crazy!
 Raegan met a local girl at the beach. They became great friends and played the whole time together.