Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Where has Fall gone?

My sister Alison, our friend Jody, and I went to the Jason Aldean concert in Salt Lake back in October, Thompson Square and Christ Young opened for him. OMG, I felt like a fun, crazy teenager again. We had a blast. Jason Aldean puts on an amazing concert-deffinietly one i'll be going to again. When we got out we couldn't hear and our throats were so sore from singing at the top of our lungs! HAHA! SO much FUN!!! Deer season has come and gone...but this year we actually had some luck! We finally saw some bucks worth shooting and not just some little 2 points. HA! I got mine during rifle season and John got his during bow season. So funny thing, John sends me a picture at 7:15am of his deer that he just killed, so I wake Raegan up and we hurry out to the shop to go see his deer. After he pulls it out of the back of the truck he goes into the shop and grabs my deer head that the bugs had ate all the flesh of off (post about the bugs soon to come, John is pretty proud of them) and measures mine up to his. At least it wasn't a competition.....HAHA Even though his was 1/2 inch wider than mine, my deer has one more point than his. John says they would measure up about the same-so we will call it a tie for this year!

We celebrated Thanksgiving at our house this year. We had 24 people crammed into our house. 4 of John's sisters and family and Grandma Jo came up for the holidays. We are so glad they did becuase it made this years Thanksgiving one to remember. We played card games, Just Dance on the Wii, Colored fun turkey pages, a pingpong tournament, good food, fun games and great company. Raegan LOVED having cousins over to play, we hope we can do it again soon!

Here are some random pictures from this Fall. I'm getting worse and worse at blogging it seems. I use to try and do a post once a month but now if i'm lucky its every season....Here it is almost Christmas and I'm just blogging about Halloween. opps! :) The bench in the picture is one I made out of a twin size headboard/footboard that I got for $5. I LOVE how it turned out.

Raegan was a Bumble Bee for Halloween. She loved Trick or Treating. The weekend before Halloween the High School had a carnival that we went to for a bit. My Friend Jessica and her two kids came with Raegan and I down Main St. in Driggs to do some trick or treating on Halloween. Than later that night John and I took her around to a few people in our ward. This girl at WAY too much candy that day.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Future deer hunter

The other day we were out checking the trail camera and Raegan had to be in the middle of everything... She wanted to see the pictures of the deer too. Than we got in the truck and John had a piece of a weed in his mouth (like a redneck)ha ha, and within 10 seconds, Raegan did too! She always has to be doing what everyone else is doing!