Thursday, December 19, 2013

Family Bowling party

 We had our 2nd annual Edler Family bowling party! We all had a lot of fun. Not everyone was able to make it this year, but we still had a good turn out. Kynleigh wanted the pins the whole time, so she was a little cranky. Than grandma pulled out the tub of licorice and she was fine! :)
I think Randy won with the highest score of 158. No one told me we were competing till my score was too far gone. ha! Better luck next year!

Our Christmas train

I scored a black Friday deal at Porters this year, A Christmas Train. Kynleigh was a little unsure of the train at first and would start to cry once the train started to move, but now they both enjoy watching in go round and round. They have made some tunnels for it and quite a few toys have even been able to ride.

This Christmas train is such a good book. I bought this for the girls as well. We read this story first and than they were able to unwrap the train. This book is pretty neat to us. The illustrator, Dan Burr, was in our old ward in Idaho. We have a few books that he has done. He bases the drawing after people he knows, mostly people in our old ward. In this book we knew all the characters. Kind of fun!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Family Pictures

 A good friend of mine, Jessica 'Bailie' Martinez, from way back when took these pictures back in October. We love how they turned out! I always get so nervous for family pictures and wonder, do our outfits match, will my hair look ok, are the kids going to cooperate, is the husband going to cooperate? It's stressful! haha I've learned though, if I remember to pack snacks for the girls and a Mountain dew for John, we usually do ok! :) Raegan was being shy for some odd reason, but Jessie managed to sneak some good ones of her!
These are some of our favorite ones!

 Love them!

 Who doesn't love a good black and white picture?!

Monday, December 9, 2013


I love that I remember to take pictures the days I teach preschool. In this first picture I totally captured them all laughing while playing play dough. They are all such cute kids. I have enjoyed teaching them. Although, I never want to be a full time preschool teacher, everyone once and awhile is a lot of fun :)

Raegan, Paisley, Wyatt and Brooklyn (Rushton was absent this day)
(Thanksgiving post is below)


We were able to spend thanksgiving down in Idaho. We left a little before Thanksgiving because John did the white tail bow hunt.  It was fun catching up with friends and family, even though we were there for two weeks, I still felt like we weren't able to hang out with people as much as we would of liked.  I guess there is always next time.

John's sister, Sandra, hosted Thanksgiving this year. The Wards, Gillespie's, Cody and Emma Long, Luke and Ali Strong, Grandma and Grandpa Clyde where all there. It was a fun group. Thanksgiving night Sandra, Anna and I went to Wal-Mart to snag some Black Friday deals. I had never been before and it ended up being a pretty good experience. Probably because I had good company. ;) Raegan stayed Thanksgiving night with all her cousins. She LOVED it. I think that made her whole trip.
Surprisingly, there wasn't much snow yet in Driggs. Which we were totally bummed about. We did take advantage of the little bit that was there though. Kynleigh loved discovering what is was all about. She was only 5 months when we moved from there last winter so she didn't remember it.
 Here is a picture John took from up in his tree stand. He was trophy hunting and never got the chance to find that one big deer he was hopping for, which was fine for me, we still have ton of deer meat from last year.
 Here are a couple pictures of Raegan and Whitley. These two are seriously going to be life long best friends. I love watching the excitement when they get to play with each other. I just wish they lived closer together so they could play more.

 We drove by Craters of the Moon on our way down to Idaho. I had never seen it. It was very cool. Next time we will have to stop in at the visitors center.