Monday, January 30, 2012

My little girl is growing up TOO fast!

Yesterday we decided to take the side rail off Raegans crib so it was a "toddler bed". She played on her bed and in her room the rest of the day, thinking that her "new" bed was the coolest thing ever. When bed time came, she did amazing She has always been so good when it comes to bed time, no fight at all. We layed her down, said good night, and didn't hear a peep from her till 8am. What a good girl! I thought for sure she was going to excape in the middle of the night and end up in our room, but she didn't. I can't believe she is has gotten so big and will be 19 months in less than a week! We just love her to pieces !!

Isn't this picture (above) the sweetest picture ever! Raegan is such a daddy's girl and she has her daddy wrapped around his finger-no doubt!

*Pictures from Christmas soon to come....I know, I know....its almost february, There is just SO many to go through and choose from!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

John and his pets!

One word here people...Nasty! John has about 2,000 of these Dermestid beetles. What are Dermestid beetles u ask?! They eat meat... Supposedly only dead meat, says John. Well if u look at the picture of the deer head than it will explain a bit more why he has these pets. They will clean off a white tail deer head in 24 hours... Crazy! During deer and elk season the bugs were eating very well but now that it is off season he needs to go hunting for coyotes to feed these darn things. How convent, right? Ha ha :) There is no way I'm sharing my steak with the bugs. So if any one is looking for a skull to be cleaned, bring it on over.
Raegan and I occasionally go out to water the bugs with John, but they are so stinky with all the raw meat and the thought of them climbing on us, we usually just wait in the car. The bugs look like rolly pollies that aren't rolly ha ha So they aren't nasty to look at, just the thought of what they do is pretty nasty. I would post a close up picture of the bugs but I'd probably start itching just by looking at it. :)