Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I just realized today that I haven’t even blogged about being pregnant yet. Surprise for anyone that doesn’t’ know yet. Baby girl Strong is expected to come towards the end of September. This pregnancy has been as smooth as it was with Raegan. I am very lucky and blessed that I don’t get morning sickness or any other miserable pregnancy symptoms some women get.  I am now nearing 32 weeks and the time is flying. I have 8 weeks and a couple days till my due date and if she is anything like Raegan will be here in 6. Not going to get my hopes up though in case she decides to actually come at 40 weeks J.  It’s kind of nice having a girl again because I have everything already. The most stressful part was finding material that I loved to make a quilt. But I finally did, so now I just have to get started! No name yet…We are those people that the nurses keep bugging to pick out a name before you leave the hospital-it’s just so hard! It will be their name forever so it has to fit them. Raegan is so excited to be a big sister and will be a very good one at that!
 We will keep you posted as we get closer on this little girl!

Randy & Jody

My little brother, Randy, got married on the 15th of June. We are so happy for him and are even more happy that Jody is now officially Raegans aunt JoJo. She loves her to pieces and so do we!  She looked so beautiful on her wedding day and so did Randy. It is so crazy to think that I won’t get any more sisters in laws on the Anderson side of the family. But that’s ok because I think my brothers got the best picks!  It’s so much fun to watch our family grow. Now only if the nieces and nephews would start growing so my kids can have some Anderson cousins ;) But we will continue to be patient!
All the Edler relatives that were able to make it to the reception
Darryl & Judy Anderson Family
My cute little family. 25 weeks prego...

4th of July

The Strong’s has a family reunion over the 4th weekend and I think everyone but one brother in law was able to make it. There were 59 people. It was a great time. I don’t know how, but I never got a single picture of the reunion….Raegan loved playing with all her cousins. She still asks if we can go see our cousins.  We can’t wait till the next reunion. We all had a fun time!   

We attended the Hunstman's 4th of July celebration on saturday and than the parade in Victor on the 4th.

Raegans Birthday

I can’t believe my little girl turned 2! Where has the time gone? She has brought so much joy to our home that I can’t imagine life without her.  She is such a little character and has the cutest personality. She is funny, witty, daring, loving, and so many more things that if you knew her, you would know what I’m talking about. She has an extremely good vocabulary and has been able to speak in sentences for quite some time. I love that she can communicate so well. It makes the time her and I spend together even more enjoyable. Here are some fun facts about Raegan….
Raegan is a daddy’s girl
She wakes up every morning and asks to watch “deer” with dad. (Aka the hunting channel)
She loves all animals
She loves being outside, especially jumping on the trampoline
Potty trained at 22 months-and has done great since
Loves tractors, 4 wheelers, motor bikes, jet skis and anything and everything else that has a motor.
Raegan is a tom boy but at the same time likes her toes paint and her baby doll, named baby sister.
                             ….the list could go on and on!