Tuesday, June 28, 2011


June has been a very busy, but fun month! The first of the month we were in Washington. My sister Alison graduated from good 'ol Connell High, so it gave us a good reason to go home for a visit. Raegan and I were there for a little over two weeks. It was nice to be around family and in warmer weather, although it wasn't as warm as we would have liked, we still returned back to Idaho with a tan. She loves her Papa!My brother Randy recently got a dog, named Stetson. While we were up there Raegan found her Best Friend. Stetson and her were inseparable. No joke! She can even say his name. I know hard to believe-this girl is a talker though!! Stetson was so gentle with her for being just a pup. They even shared dog food-not a proud moment, but hey at least she wasn't in the toilet again for the 50 millionth time! Just this last Sunday we were Skype ‘in with my family and my mom held the dog up to the camera and Raegan freaked out. She started 'woofing', pointing at him and saying his name. Then she tried to grab the scream trying to touch him. Than when she realized that wasn't going to happened, she was looking behind the lab top trying to find where he was. It was really cute and funny all at the same time! John thinks we need a puppy now... I think not! hahaRaegan also turned 11 months while we were in WA. (like how her b-day is in a week and a half and I am just blogging about her being 11 months...) By 11 months she could say quite a few different words, some she picked up after she turned 11 months, these include mama, dada, nana, more, day, go, duck, dog, Stetson, eggo, ya, what, out, bye and a four letter one I won't mention on here (opps)...she also knows what a mountain lion, fish, duck, dog and motorcycle, 4 wheeler and truck say.
Raegan is now classified as a "short distance walker" HAHA she has been standing up and taking a step or two for about a month but when we returned home from WA she started taking like 5 or 6 steps than slowly sitting down. I wish she would just keep going because I'm getting sick of caring her all over the place! I'm hoping one of these days she'll just surprise us and take off.

Raegan LOVES the water! She especailly loved jet skiing On the 22nd John had his birthday... he is now 27! holy cow is that OLD! haha (He doesn't look it) The only good thing about marrying someone older is I always feel young-or younger at least! :) We had some friends over, had a weenie roast and played some volley ball for his birthday, It was a lot of FUN! The weather is finally warm here and we love it. My parents and Morgan are coming down for the 4th and Raegan’s birthday. Then Morgan is going to stay with us for the summer. We are so excited. She will be a professional weed’er once she leaves here! ….Someone has to do it because Raegan is no help, all she does is eats the dirt and licks the rocks. -This girl is going to have one strong immune system!