Monday, January 31, 2011

6 & 7 months

I can't believe my little girl is 7 months this week. Where has the time gone? This picture above was taken when she turned 6 months...but haven't had the chance to blog lately, so this post is about her 6 and 7 months together :)
At her 6 month appointment she weighed 15.9 Lbs (40%) and was 26 1/4 inches long (70%). She got her two bottom teeth during the holiday season; one was on the night before Christmas (great gift huh-NOT) and the second a few days later. I don't knows what’s worst-the first 8 weeks where she had to eat all the time or teething?...they both equal no sleep and no fun!! She definitely has got a killer bit and you got to pay attention when you are holding her cause she'll pull your hand in her mouth and take a bite! Ouch! haha She loves to play around and is very ticklish.
We give Raegan those fast dissolving Gerber cookies occasionally, she loves them. One night we were taking picture of here eating her cookie and well here is how the story went...
These cookies are yummy....
....I wish my mouth was bigger...


...Hey wait, where did my cookie go?...

...serious guys where did it go?....

...Ok, i don't care where it went anymore, I'm just laughing cause your laughing!!!

HAHA! we love her and all her expressions!

Here are some of the things we have been up to- notice how they all have to deal with snow? I guess that’s what happens when there is snow on the ground clear till June-heaven help me!
Raegan loves to plow the snow with John

We've been out horn hunting a few times. Raegan loves going with us...even though she looks frozen in these pictures she really does enjoy it. We've seen tons of deer and moose-up close to. We were like 20 feet from a moose the other day, a little too close for comfort.
Her eyes look frozen in this picture.
John and I pull each other on knee boards and snowboards behind the snowmobile a lot. We usually go while Raegan is napping in the truck. But once she wakes up we pull out this black sled and she loves riding in it with me. She is so dang fun.
And this is for all you people who think I have an angel of a child...She does occasionally act like this...

Until I whip out the camera and start taking pictures of her....than its a complete turn around. . .Little stinker is what she is!
More pictures to come...Hopefully I'll get better and post more often.

Monday, January 17, 2011


My Family came down to Driggs for Christmas this year. It was tons of fun. They rented a cabin that we all stayed in. We went and cut down our christmas tree, went snowmobiling... ALOT :), tubed and knee boared around the cabin, visited the Elk refudge, walked around Jackson Hole, went snowboarding, played games, and just hung out and enjoyed the christmas season.

Here are some pictures of our Christmas.....
It was so cold this day we went snowmobiling. We decided to strap our boards on so we would snowmobile up and snowboard down.
Up at Targhee
Our tree...
...looking for the tree. Raegan loves riding on the snowmobiles.
Busted!! haha She loved ripping the bows off the presents and eating them.
Our little Reindeer

The Rocking Horse Santa brought.
Sleigh ride at the Elk Refudge

Tubing up at the ski hill

Raegan got so much attention when my family was here. After they left she was pretty fussy cause she wasn't getting as much attention as when they were here. spoiled girl!

She loves her aunt Morgan
Raegans Christmas Dress and the boots that aunt Alison bought her.