Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Our 4 week vacation

Well, for the first 2 weeks of our vacation we spent it up in Washington. My brother Randy came home from his 2 year mission in Denver, Colorado. I can't believe have fast 2 years goes by. He hadn't meet Raegan yet, so we were excited for Randy to meet her. We had so much fun while we were up there hanging out with family.

For the last two weeks, we went down to visit Johns sister in El Centro, California (the town is below sea level, how crazy is that), its 2 hours east of San Diego. For 5 of those days we babysat Amy's cute kids (below) while Amy and Jason went of a business trip... Being a mom of 4 is hard work, let me tell you! We really enjoyed going down and visiting and getting to know Amy's family better. We especially enjoyed the nice 70 degree weather while we were there. We were definitely ready for Spring here in Driggs, but when we returned home, there was still 2 feet of snow on the ground and snowing every other a few more months maybe it'll be spring here...doubt it! :)

The first weekend we were there, we spent a night in San Diego. We went to Sea World and the beach while we were there. At Sea World my favorite was the flamingos, they are such funny and funny looking birds. We bought Raegan a stuff animal Flamingo, she loves it, she snuggles to it every time she sleeps, its so dang cute. Right as you lay her down, she grips her flamingo and closes her eyes. its priceless.