Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Strong Family Reunion 2014

 The Strong's had a family reunion during the month of July. It was over the weekend at Darby Girls camp, up Darby canyon, in Alta WY. (about 15 minutes from my Mother in Laws) We stayed in the cabins. A couple of John's sisters put it on and did a great job at it! (Thanks again!!!) My sister-in-law, Sandra, made a really fun book through Shutterfly and we all got copies, so I won't share much on my blog.  All but 3 families and a couple of older nephews were able to make it to the reunion. It was a good turn out considering how many people we were trying to get together. Alison and I had our T-shirts designed.
 Raegan and Kynleigh had a blast hanging out with their cousins for a few days. They were so dirty that whole weekend, they loved it!
 We went on a small hike with some of the younger kids while the more brave ones hiked up to The Monument.
 The best part of the weekend was being able to spend it with this guys!
 We survived our part of the hike and the girls actually walked most of the way. Wahoo! (Man my pregnant belly sure popped out fast this go around, I think I was 14 or 15 weeks at the Reunion...? I can't remember)
 Some of the main attractions of girls camp was this amazingly long slide! I'm pretty sure the kids spend most their time going down and hiking back up to go back down. Some how Raegan would connive a older cousin to carry her back up...she is pretty good at that.
 another big hit was the sand volleyball. It was John and I's favorite part anyways. The kids loved playing in the sand and Aunt Jessica was smart and brought sand toys, so the kids loved it too!
 John and I got put in charge of an activity for the reunion and we decided to make Marshmallow guns out of PVC. It was a hit!
All and All it was a great time, with great weather, scenery and people! We were grateful we were able to join the Strong family in another successful reunion! We love those guys! ;)

Friday, November 14, 2014

Raegan turns 4! 7.5.14

Raegan June Strong
 4?! This little girl needs to stop growing. She brings SO much joy to our family! She has always had an incredible vocabulary and always seem to surprise us or make us laugh with what she says and how smart she sounds! Don't let that pretty smile fool you though, she does know how to act out and be naughty, but what 4 year old doesn't?! ;) She is very stubborn, independent, strong willed, friendly, outgoing, motherly, and a tad boss, and although some of those characteristics drive me bonkers right now, I know this little girl will one day be a very fun but powerful women! Watch out world!  We love her SO much and could not image our life without her.
We celebrated Raegan's birthday the night we got home from Scootney. We just did a simple get together with my family, had cup cakes and ice cream and opened presents. Than we invited Reese and Crystal down for a small firework show! The kids had a good time and overall was a really fun day!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

4th of July

We had a great 4th of July! We started it by going to the parade in Basin City. I had not been to that parade in over 15 years I believe. Between living in Idaho and being in the Kennewick pararde with Grandpa Bob's horses, its been quiet sometime. Let me tell you though, nothing has changed! hahaha!!! The girls enjoyed it, so that's all that matters.We rode the bikes and 4 wheelers over to the parade that morning from my parents. We use to do that every year as kids too! Than, we rode up to the neighbors to see our favorite little pony.
(aren't these the cutest little toes)

We than headed up to Scootney where we camped for the night and spent the day jet skiing, riding pedal bikes around and swimming with our family and Edler cousins.  It was a good time. Raegan was so excited to finally camp somewhere that wasn't in our back yard or on the trampoline (at least we try to give her that tent experience by trying to be fun parents, ha!) She spent at least 30 minutest setting up the inside of our tent, just organizing away. It was really cute. Raegan was glad that the morning of her birthday we woke up (the 5th) with all of her favorite people. We sang happy birthday at breakfast and she blew out her candles in her pancakes. 
It was a Great time, and great company. Hoping we do that again this coming summer!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

A trip to Idaho....

End of June activities & work trip
A Trip to Idaho would not be complete without an 11 hour drive, a trip to get snow-cones with our favorite friends, watching a movie or two at the Spud drive in theater, going squirrel hunting, and without it being a holiday or birthday-John turned 30! I know he was glad to be in Idaho for his birthday! Morgan was able to join us for this trip as well. We LOVE when Morgan comes down to Idaho with us, and I think she loves it too! :)
A trip to Idaho would not be complete without attending the Huntsman Spring celebration, Celebrating America. We have gone every year they've had it. Its a tradition now!
A trip to Idaho would not be complete without a visit to Uncle Bruce's dairy. The girls love going and seeing all the baby cows, puppies and horses. 
 And of course, a trip to Idaho would not be complete without a dirt bike ride! We rode out at the St. Anthony sand dunes. It is always a blast!! We sure love going riding! This was Morgan's first trip to those dunes. She wants to go back asap!
We sure miss Idaho, the activities and all our family and friends!