Wednesday, April 9, 2014


This little girl is growing up way too fast! She is such a fun outgoing girl! She loves her girly things but won't pass up an opportunity to have some redneck fun. haha She is well round and that's just the way we like her! She is really enjoying preschool. I think her favorite part in just being with her friends. She is starting to recognize most the letters in the alphabet. There are some she forgets still but she is getting there. She has such an incredible vocabulary and sometimes I feel like she uses bigger words than I do. Raegan is definitely bossy! I think that comes hand in hand with being the oldest and being a girl! She also is strong willed and doesn't let anything fly passed her, she can hold her own against pretty much anyone, little turkey! She loves to help out in the kitchen and is a great help to go grab things for me or put things away. I love that I have two girls, they will be so much help when they are older (I can't wait).

 Papa got our childhood 3 wheeler fixed. Raegan got to go help pick it up from the Bike Doctor (that's what she calls the bike shop) once it was fixed.
This little bike has definitely got good use over the years. It has brought tons of laughter and tears. haha We all survived though! So glad she is learning to enjoy it as much as we did. She is getting to the point where I almost trust her to ride around on her own. She is starting to get more brave on it and I try to make her wear her helmet now. She hates wearing it, but we are working on her.
Our preschool group went on a field trip to the fire station. Raegan thought it was pretty neat and Kynleigh thought she was one of the preschoolers.
Aunt Morgan got out some of the old prom dresses. Raegan wanted to try on the purple one. Its her new favorite color.
She looks so sweet and innocent. She likes riding in her big girl car seat, it's so much better!

 Raegan thought Wyatt's dune Racer was pretty cool. She wasn't very good at driving it though. haha She needs some practice.
 Always trying to do Cheerleading jumps just like aunt Morgan.
 "Don't worry mom I know how to fix it". She loves to hang out with dad in the shop and play tools. John is starting to notice more and more tools are missing. oops!
This is her attempt to build a sand Castle. We miss our sand box that we left in Idaho.
Another cheesy smile of Raegan's. Love her! haha
Raegan is getting better at sharing. Lately though, she is on a kick that she has to be first; first to get in the bath, first to get in the car, first to get a drink, first to get on the tractor....Hopefully it passes soon.
We go on walks a lot to visit our neighbor's horses. She wants to ride them SO badly. Maybe one day soon. John just needs to buy the girl a horse ;)
 We are now the owners of two goldfish. Raegan bought them and the fish food with her own money. She is pretty excited about it. We will see how long they survive.

Friday, April 4, 2014


Kynleigh is now 18 months and is our little daredevil. We haven’t found much she is afraid of. This isn’t always good. We have to keep a close eye on here. She loves to climb, and as long as there is some sort of step for her to get on top of something, she will climb it. She will climb up the swing set playhouse at my parents and go down the slide all by herself; I think she gets a thrill from slides. I’m glad she has that characteristic.  She absolutely loves water. We went to the Richland Park about a month ago and we went down to the water and she walked right into the river knee deep. She probably just thought it was the ocean (Must of seemed familial to her from our trip). She definitely keeps me on my toes.  She absolutely loves playing outside. Somehow she always manages to sneak some dog food; I don’t know why she thinks it so good to eat. SO GROSS! Haha. She also licks the bottom of her boots where there is dirt on them. I promise I feed her normal food! Ha! Her favorite food is fried eggs (definitely a Strong thing) and frozen GoGurt.  She is probably the best movie watcher. I think she has a longer attention span than Raegan. We took the girls to see the movie Frozen when it was in theaters and Kynleigh sat through the whole thing with no problems, at all! It was nice!
Kynleigh is trying really hard to talk and I feel like her vocabulary has doubled in the last week.  She is starting to use words more often like,  Get down, up, off, Bath, one two (sometimes she say three), Thank you, banana, bum, shoe, Taco (our dog), yee-ha!, She also says quite a few animal noises now too. I think my favorite is when she says Quack Quack. It sounds more like Qwak Qwak. Haha She has said a lot of the basic words for a while now, I am just horrible at documenting it.  She has the cutest little wave. My mom was chasing her around Costco the other day and Kynleigh was just running around waving at people and saying Hi to them. Raegan was a friendly little girl like that too. She loves nursery so far. When I drop her off, she doesn't even look back.  Kynleigh has such a soft sweet voice. I love it! She has mastered the Complimentary laugh. It cracks me up. It’s pretty deep and raspy.  Her and Raegan get along most of the time and are becoming quite good friends. It’s been fun watching the differences and similarities in my girls. They definitely fit in our family perfectly. We sure love them!
First pony tail. I only did it the once. She doesn't have a lot of hair, so I don't like putting it in pony's, I don't want to damage the hair that is there. :)
Swimming at Woodward's pool
She knows how to throw fits. This is a sad looking picture, but she started crying for no reason out of the blue. I had to capture it. little stinker!!
Has to play dress up now too!
This is one of her favorite activities, next to jumping. Since she was about 14 months she would climb up on the rocking house and getting it rocking in full swing and holler, Yee-Ha! It's adorable!!
 See that mouth full of teeth?! She has had them all since she was 15 months.
 Notice the mismatch boots? She LOVES shoes, and this cute stick horse. Raegan and her both have one and they ride around the house constantly.
She doesn't' have much, but its coming in curly. Grandma Strong says her hair reminds her a lot of John's sister Sandra and Anna's hair. They both have beautiful hair, so I think she will be ok! :)
She thinks playing in moms freshly made bed with fluffy pillows is pretty neat! My white duvet doesn't agree!
Here is Kynleigh sneaking dog food and jumping on the tramp.
Kynleigh learned to jump on the ground about two months ago. That has to be one of the funniest things to watch a kid try and learn. She caught on rather quickly I thought. Now she is a professional jumper.
I love when they play together!
I think Grandma is her favorite person, oh and brrm brrrms. (anything with a motor)
We love visiting dad while he is working. Here is kynleigh cleaning off her boots.
Moving car seats is such a chore! She thinks its pretty neat.