Tuesday, April 20, 2010


For spring break, my parents and my sisters came down for a visit. It was so much fun. I was glad they were able to come for a visit. There wasn't a whole lot to do cause it snowed pretty much the whole time, so we did some shopping, ate out, swam, went to the hill climbs and than went down to Utah for a few days to hang out with more relatives.
Cal Ranch had there ducky's out and we thought they were so cute, So cute that John and I bought 4 of them a couple weeks later.

Now we have these little additions to our family!
These are our turkeys that we are raising for thanksgiving! :) There are only 2 still living though... our little niece thought the turkeys needed swim lessons so she put them in the ducks little pond and well you probably can figure out the rest...Good thing she is cute! :)

I told John that the ducks were his graduation gift. ;) Oh ya, John recieved his Associates degree from BYU-I. wahoo! I was so proud of him for finishing it out.

My amazing husband got me an early mothers day gift. He put this awesome stock on my gun. I LOVE it! seriously, not kidding its like my favorite thing ever! He is the best!!!

Sunday was such a nice day-there aren't many here it seems like, so when it is, you have to take advantage of it. We took the dogs down to the river. They love going down there. I'm so excited for summer time and hope we have a warmer summer than last!
The black lab would not stay in the truck on the way there, he was seriously so excited cause he knew where we were going. haha, as we were going around a corner on the gravel road, the dumb thing feel out cause he was hanging so far out. haha! luckly we were going slow enough that he didn't get hurt.

John is squintin pretty bad in this picture, but its the best we can do with a self timer. I'm 27 wks in this pictures, even though john is covering my belly or i should say, trying to cover it!

And for all those who enjoy seeing my belly grow...HA! I hope someone does. Here is a pictures of me last week at 26 weeks. (haven't taken any this week yet) oh and if you look at the bottom of the picture, there is a sneak preview of what this little girls quilt/bedding is giong to look like. Its coming along...