Friday, October 17, 2014


Here are some picture of our everyday life! 
The girls spend hours and hours on their stick horses! Best purchase ever. There horses are SO dirty, they are brown now, part of me wants to buy them new ones and throw away the old ones...Maybe if I can find identical ones, I just might. They would probably freak out if they knew.
They take them everywhere, I think this was cleaning the church one Saturday morning. 
Kynleigh has an obsession with shoes.She was pretty good at walking around in my 4inch heals. Crazy girl!

 Raegan seems to have an interest in sewing. When ever I get the sewing machine out, she always wants to help. I love it! (don't mind how scary we look, this is our stay at home look)
I'm always giving John a hard time that him and our Taco dog our best friends, notice who she is walking by on our walk?! haha So one day when we were out on a hike, John had to capture this picture of me caring Taco across a narrow part of the river, what you don't see in the picture is our little Raegan screaming her head off because she is afraid taco will drown if no one carries her across. The things moms have to do.... haha

 This was Kynleigh's first Sunday in Nursery. She was so excited to go and I was so excited she was old enough to go. She didn't cry or even look back when I dropped her off. Both my girls have been such good nursery goer's! It is great! Now after sacrament meeting, Kynleigh will just walk her self to nursery. The first couple times she did it, I didn't even know where she went, so of course the last place I looked, the nursery, there she was, just playing right along with the kids! ...I still don't' know what all those other kids' deals are when their parents drop them off and they scream bloody murder...?? ;) haha (I think I just jinx my self for the next child)
 We got some new kitties this spring in hopes to keep the mice down.
 They are not inside cats but we brought them inside for a little bit the first day so they could get use to the girls. I think they got broke in rather quickly. haha Raegan put these toy horse saddles on them all by her self. She thought it was pretty neat that they fit. John and I couldn't stop laughing over it. haha
Here is a picture of us from a date night. We don't go on many, so when we do we have to document it! :) I love him!
 They love the tramp!
 and love four wheeler rides, especially with grandma!
This picture is too cute not to share! This picture was from a preschool field trip we went on with Raegan to Get Air. Aren't Kia and Kynleigh too cute?! I think yes!
 This picture makes my heart happy! Having two girls next to each other is kind of fun! I'm so glad they have each other!


John and Luke flew to Hawaii this spring to pour concrete! How lucky are they?! They didn't feel so lucky once they got over there because it was all work and no play! Their brother Thomas scored them some work, so they flew over for a couple weeks. John says he has never sweated so hard just because of all the humidity. They were on the big Island of Hawaii
This was the view a block or so from where they stayed.
The only day they got to get out and do anything was Sunday. After Church they had spotted a sea turtle. How cool!
Than, they went on a Sunday drive up to the Volcano. This was one of their stops. I guess it was a really steep overlook. Somehow John lost his favorite sunglasses over it. haha
This was the top of the Volcano
Here are some picture of the work they were up against while in Hawaii. 

Bike rides

My family loves to go out together and ride! It is definitely one of my families past times! This last spring we spent a lot of time out riding before the weather hit 100 degrees and was too hot to ride! We sure have some fun memories and fun stories of our riding trips! (Michael and Brittany are missing in this picture)

 Can you see Brittany's 4 wheeler?! haha She was climbing a hill and had to turn out and had no choice but to go into this acreage of tumble weeds. lol! It was rather funny pulling up to her and all you could see was her standing on the 4 wheeler seat. Michael got on and roughly rode it out! we got it on video. Fun Times!!
  All of us riding has defiantly sparked some little Motor heads in our family. Raegan also learned this spring to ride my parents little 50cc 3 wheeler they have. She has gotten quiet good at it. We made a rule for her though, If she is going to ride alone she has to wear her helmet, so that set her joys for it back a bit because she really doesn't enjoy wearing her helmet. But all too soon wearing her helmet will come natural to her! :)