Wednesday, December 16, 2009

December so far. . .

These are our little piggies when we first got them, there were so stinking cute. . .but than they grew up and litterally stunk and they ate anything and everything.
(This picture was about a month ago, they were much bigger than this)

I took them out to the butcher the other day, so instead of John and I feeding them constantly, they will soon be feeding us! :) I've never ever really felt bad about rasing pigs than butchering them or selling them at the fair and knowing that they were on their way to the slaughter house and into someones freezer, but when I droped these guys off at the butcher and than walked inside to tell the butcher how I wanted the cuts, I saw a steer hanging with cuts taken from it and I thought of my little piggies and how they were soon going to be haning there. . . but than I left and was over it! haha

Well, the other day John and I adventured out coyote hunting. He has been going pretty constant and I go when ever he isn't getting up at 6 in the morning or when its -20 out. This is John practicing with one of his million calls. . . I always get annoyed when he practices them inside, so he usually does it when he is driving or when he is by himself. haha. . . he is too funy!
...This is what happens when you take your wife hunting with you and she has the better aim...Opps did i just say that! haha. :) Right after I killed it John looked at me and said, you killed one before me and with my new gun. MUHAHA thats right sucka! We have a very competitive relationship!

These are my cute Joy letters that I am so excited how they turned out. (sorry its hard to actually see them)

These are our cute christmas trees. Since we live in a camper, I didn't want the upkeep of having a real tree and I've always wanted these Apline trees, So thats what we ended up doing. They are so hard to decorate because they are so small.
We are packing our bags and are ready to leave for WA for the hoildays. I am so exited. This means family, snowmobling, my birthday, snowboarding, sledding, Christmas, the Cabin, games, food and much much more! I can't WAIT! Only 3 more days!
Merry Christmas to Everyone and have a safe fun time whatever you'll be doing!