Monday, October 26, 2009

Your never to old!

Your never to old to carve pumpkins! We had a blast the other night carving pumkins with Chantz and Jessica. . .but than again, we always have fun when we hang out with them! Don't mind John's pumpkin...he thought he was being funny! I told him that one wasn't going home with us. Chantz 's sister and brother-in-law live just down the street from them, so we deciede to pull a little prank. haha. We set John's lite pumpkin on their door step and than we "black person" knocked them. LOL!! It was SO fun! we all felt like high schoolers again. Crazy part was, when Andy (the bro-in-law) opened the door the neighbors black cat was sitting right next to the pumpkin. kind of creepy I know! haha! GOOD TIMES!

This is a wreath I made back in september. I loved how it turned out. I wanted to hang it outside, but I don't think it'll hold up to well on the outside of our camper.haha :) It was so easy to make and so cheap. Wreaths are so expensive these days, especailly the cute ones. I think I made this one for under $8.00! what a deal! haha, I love making things for cheap!

Addie's Baby

My old roomie, Addie, had her baby the 14th of Oct.
I made her a baby blanket. It was quiet the project...I deceide to machine quilt it...on my own. haha. It turned out better than I thought it would. I was quiet impressed!! If you look close enough at the picture you'll see the flowers that are quilted on.
She is such a cutie! ...I guess this means I have an excuse to go to rexburg more often to visit Addie and Nelissa!

Monday, October 5, 2009

TaKe a LoOk!

Hi everyone, I recently started selling my crafts on You'll have to check it out and tell me what you think! :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Good bye summer!

Well for us here in Idaho, summer is long gone! No more warm days. I'm sad in a way, but excited in another. This means it's that much closer to snowmobiling time! I ask john if i could get my sled out yesterday as the snow continued to fall, and he thought I was crazy. Soon enough though. But, it is hunting season time are we are deffinitly excited for that. We have been counting the days down.

John's already ahead of me on kills this year...Yup, he shot a Mt. Lion. Well, first it almost tried to take his life...but he killed it before it had the chance. Thank heavens! So in another couple months we'll have a Mt. Lion skin laying acrossed our couch. I'm not sure how i feel about that quiet yet. Those things already give me the hebegebies!!

My garden did great this year. I was queit proud. haha. My sweet corn was very small. I told John its baby size compared to the stuff i'm use to back in WA. . .haha, but thats what you getting when you live in Idaho. boo! haha

This is a picture of luke holding some of my cabbage. No
one really liked to eat it so it kind of over grew. . .

. . . but thats ok, cause i was able to shoot it with my new gun! It was seriously the coolest thing ever to watch get shot. haha! it exploded!