Thursday, November 3, 2011

Our Little Beach babe...August 2011

How cute is this picture?

This picture explains how Raegan's first trip to the beach was! BUSY! This little girl LOVES the water. The water was freezing but that didn't stop her. The second you would let her down she was out playing in it. We were all exhausted after the week was over just from trying to keep up with her!These pictures below are of her very first time on the beach! She was over stimulated for sure! Look at those faces. haha, she was going crazy!

We stayed a week in Seaside, Oregon with my family. John wasn't able to make it because he was really busy with work, but he let Raegan and I join in on the fun. I'm so glad we were able to go. We kept busy for a whole week. We went out to the ocean at least twice a day. First, we would go in the early morning to go look for sand dollars-which we made bank on :) Than we would go back in the afternoon to go boogie-boarding, than would have to hurry back to the hot tub and swimming pool so we could warm up because the water there is SO dang cold!

We visited a few other beaches while we were there also and found tons of star fish. At nights, we would usually go out to eat and a couple times we went to the arcade. When we were kids we would spent all our time there, so it was fun to be able to be a kid again. haha! We rented an eclectic car and went through a drive-through. We thought we were pretty funny. I'm sure it happens a lot. I would have to say the worst part of the whole trip was hauling the stinking stroller back and forth from the beach to the place we were staying. For all of you that have been to Seaside, you know what I'm talking about...that walk to the water is forever long! Overall, we had a blast enjoying the beautiful ocean and just spending time with each other!

We hope we get to go back soon!