Friday, January 15, 2010

John + Karie = Baby Strong

Yes, we are Pregnant!!!! We are so excited! I'm almost 14 weeks along. Time has gone by so fast already and I am so lucky cause I haven't been sick at all...except for tierdness and constantly having to go pee (but whats new), but other than that, I feel great! We got to hear the heart beat this last week. That was such a neat experience, and made it feel more realistic that there is a little baby inside me. John said it sounded like a washing maching cause of the heart beat and the Dr. said that the baby was moving around in there too... The heart beat was a 156, pretty high. Everyone has been teasing me that its going to be a girl cause of the old "wives tale". But, lets be honest, this kid will have 50% Anderson in it, so its probably have a high heart beat anyways cause the darn kid can't sit still!

We are awaiting the day till we find out, it just seems like forever away! I always joked around that I only wanted kids so I can decorate their rooms...ok well i was being kind of serious. I can't wait, I love to decorate!!! I've found a car seat and crib that I want, so that is fun. I just wish i knew what the little bugger was so I could start buying clothes and all the other fun stuff! Everytime John and I are out in Idaho Falls or Rexburg at any store, I always have to swing by the "baby stuff". I found this stinkin cute outfit at Cal Ranch. Its was cute little girl wranglers and a button up shirt, it was for a 3 month old. its would of been perfect for fair (if its a girl anyways). haha! I'm just going to have to sneak out there one day and buy it, just in case! lol!!! I will be sure to keep everyone posted on our little baby strong as time goes on!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Home for Christmas!

I was so happy that John and I were able to go to Washington for Christmas this year. We were up there for two weeks and we kept very busy...It went by too fast though! We spent lots of time with my family and I was so greatful for that!! We had such a good christmas, and my parents spoiled us the whole time we were up there!

All the family except my brother Randy who is on a mission

The girls and guys had matching PJ's!

Class of '06. A group of us High School friends got together over break.

John couldn't leave Idaho with out takin some of his guns. He finally got a coyote! I was excited for him cause he had been hunting those things forever. It was probably because there are tons more in WA than in ID. :)
Michael and Brittany threw and ugly Christmas sweater party. We had some good laughs as were were searching for the ugliest sweater at the Goodwill, our outcome was pretty good I thought. HAHA

Ben and Tanner were the winners, they were pretty crafty and made there own...too funny!
Sipping back on some good ol' Rootbeer!
I love the Christmas season and can't wait until next year!

Tradtional Vacation!

Every year since I can remember, my family and my mom's brother Dave's family have been going to the MT and staying in a cabin for a week for the New Years. I always look forward to this tradtion. Its one of the things were the memories keep on living year after year after year.
We always have so much fun when we are up there. We do tons of tubing, and now that most of us are bigger, we have to make the tubing a little more exciting by adding in some jumps. This year, when we arrived to the cabin we had a little bit of a suprise, this rat or squriel was caught in a trap. He was huge. My dad, being the jokester that he is, decided to put it on the outside railing, so it freaked everyone out! We also did lots of riding, playing games, eating, and just hanging out. I can't wait until next year!!