Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Arbon Valley

John's sister, Jessica and her family, live out in Arbon Valley. Every spring they have a big branding party where they brand their cows and have a BBQ after. We hadn't ever gone before because for something reason or another we always had something else planned that same weekend. This year we were down in Idaho so we were lucky that we got to go! I was so glad that we did! I don't know who had the most fun, Raegan or me?! haha We didn't help brand cattle so much, but rode around on the horses, played in the dirt, pet the baby calves, and played with cousins!
Our niece Maddie showing Raegan the calf's brand.
 Our niece, Katie, and Raegan. Raegan did not want to get off the horse!
 John showing off his cowboy skills. Looking at him you would never know he grew up on a Dairy farm. Love my cowboy ;)
Mariah, Alison, Luke, and Malin
 Playing in the watering hole. The kids had a blast!

 this calf was only a couple days old!
 Always a picture of Raegan stealing John's pop!

 On our niece, Katie's, horse. He almost looks like a pony, but we are down hill of the camera :)

Kynleigh-7 months

Here is our little Kynleigh girl at 7 months!
by 7 months she had 4 teeth, was sitting up, saying dada and nana, rolls both ways, while on her belly spins in circles and creeps backwards a bit. Not crawling yet...
She has been a hard baby all around... poor thing has been teething since she was 4 months old when she got her two bottom teeth. She also went through a colicky stage where we did not know how to soother her. She doesn't take a binky and at 7 months was not taking a bottle anymore either....but we have hit a turning point since than. We love this little chunker girl!
 Her first time eating dirt. she loved it. haha It was unintentional but when you put a baby in the dirt you have to expect it a little...
 Real food! Yum!

 She is definitely a water baby!

Spring time

Here are some pictures we took earlier this Spring. I love when the Orchards are in full bloom!
Kynleigh is 6 months and Raegan is 2 1/2


My cousin Tennelle invited us to her house for Easter this year. Having a party on Easter with a big Easter Egg hunt has been the Edler family tradition since I could remember and I'm sure before my time! We were finally in Washington for Easter and I couldn't of been any more excited. I hadn't been here for Easter in years!

The girls with their Easter "nests" -another Edler family tradition!
 John and Kynleigh's talent! haha She loves when John does this!
The hunt begins. She was a little gun shy till she started to find the eggs! 
Raegan found the golden egg! we are rich! :) HA! 

Our big Move

Back in February we moved up to Washington. We had been kicking the idea of moving up to Washington around for about a year. The winters are not nearly as bad as Idaho and we figured John could do Concrete more year round here! So here we are. We found a cozy little place to live in the country. Which we LOVE!  It has been an Adventure so far with changing all our business information over to Washington state but we finally got it all taken care off.  Raegan loves it here. We are only 20 minutes from my parents house and so Raegan has sleep overs quiet often at Nana and Papa's house. She enjoys watching the farmers do field work next to our house, oh and spotting birds so dad can shoot them from our porch! Oh how I've missed the country life!!