Friday, August 14, 2015


 Sometimes when we go fishing, we take our vicious taco dog! ha!
The girls seem to really love fishing. We've been able to go quite a bit this summer. 
Morgan caught this picture of my little family out fishing.
So I copied and captured this one of John. I love these two pictures.
 Morgan joins us sometimes too.

 Raegan has "caught" fish before, but usually someone else hooks it and she will reel it in. But here, she cast her pole, hooked a fish and reeled it in all by herself. She even help take him off the hook. So proud of this little fisherman!


 Have I ever told anyone, I'm a thrill seeker?! Because I totally am! I love love love ridding bikes and doing anything that pushes the danger limit...John sometimes doesn't like it because I scare him. We have had such a hot summer that we haven't rode much at all, but earlier summer and spring we got to go and I'm excited for it to cool off so we can go some more!

I love that my sisters, sister in laws and my awesome friend Aubrey all love to go  riding too! It always better when there is other girls there!  #dirtygirls for life! hahaha I've always wanted to be in a gang ;) well now I can say I am. Its a long story, but that is our biker name! 

Luke Bryan Concert

Talk about the BEST concert EVER! Luke Bryan is such a great entertainer and he is definitely easy on the eyes! ha! Going to concerts with my mom and sisters in our new thing! and I LOVE it! We always have a good time. The concerts we've gone to are normally up in Spokane, so we go up early that day, shop, eat out and than go to the concert! Fun girls trip for sure!

 Pretty sure he was shaking it for me in this picture...just don't tell John! ;) haha Glad we brought the binoculars so we could glass him! ha!