Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ready or not here she comes...

My doctors appointment went well today. I was informed by the doctor that i have less than 2 weeks before she comes. I am dialated to a 2 and am 90% effaced. She'll told me realisticly she could come any day...oh my heavens! talk about time to freak out. haha. I think my dr. could tell i was nervous cause after she informed me of this I kept asking her the same questions over and over again. haha. She told me this rarely happens for a first time mother to be this advanced. is that good? I guess... So i will be sure to keep everyone updated on when our little girl arrives. Keep us in your prays! :)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Its almost july....

My mom and sister morgan came for a visit in the middle of June, I was so glad they came. They helped out a ton with getting the babys room ready. It looks so cute, i will be sure to post some pictures soon. While they were here, my moms sisters came up as well and we went to Yellowstone. My mom and Morgan had never been there before. We didn't see much for animals except for buffalo. They had just had there babies not to long ago so that was fun to see them. The most exciting part about the whole trip to yellowstone was almost being rammed by two buffalo while stopped at a stop sign. they were at a dead sprint and it looked as if they were going to hurdle our car. haha Everyone hurried to grab there camera's to take pictures of them as i rolled my window up thinking that that was going to save me. haha.

One of Randy's favorite compainions is going to school out at BYUI so we were able to meet up with him. It was fun to meet him.
My friend Jessica threw me an amazing baby shower. She is such a great party planer. The food was amazing and we all had tons of fun!

Here is a picture of a few of the people that came, my friend Mindy and cousin Kaitlan and her friend, I was glad to see them! :)
Here is a pictures of John and his new best friend, Tom. John will let him out of the cage and he'll follow john everwhere. he stays within 10 feet of him where ever he goes. its the funniest thing ever.
here are his ducks that he herds into a little mote that our nephew, malin made.
And here I am at 37 weeks. We're almost there! I'm sick of this huge belly. haha

I can't believe how fast time has been flying by. I'm am mentally not ready for this baby to come, but lets be honest, can you ever be fully ready? John is ready, or he thinks he is, he asks every day if she can come already. He is more than excited. I go into the dr. tommorrow to find out more on what is going on with this pregnancy. I will be sure to post the news.