Wednesday, December 16, 2009

December so far. . .

These are our little piggies when we first got them, there were so stinking cute. . .but than they grew up and litterally stunk and they ate anything and everything.
(This picture was about a month ago, they were much bigger than this)

I took them out to the butcher the other day, so instead of John and I feeding them constantly, they will soon be feeding us! :) I've never ever really felt bad about rasing pigs than butchering them or selling them at the fair and knowing that they were on their way to the slaughter house and into someones freezer, but when I droped these guys off at the butcher and than walked inside to tell the butcher how I wanted the cuts, I saw a steer hanging with cuts taken from it and I thought of my little piggies and how they were soon going to be haning there. . . but than I left and was over it! haha

Well, the other day John and I adventured out coyote hunting. He has been going pretty constant and I go when ever he isn't getting up at 6 in the morning or when its -20 out. This is John practicing with one of his million calls. . . I always get annoyed when he practices them inside, so he usually does it when he is driving or when he is by himself. haha. . . he is too funy!
...This is what happens when you take your wife hunting with you and she has the better aim...Opps did i just say that! haha. :) Right after I killed it John looked at me and said, you killed one before me and with my new gun. MUHAHA thats right sucka! We have a very competitive relationship!

These are my cute Joy letters that I am so excited how they turned out. (sorry its hard to actually see them)

These are our cute christmas trees. Since we live in a camper, I didn't want the upkeep of having a real tree and I've always wanted these Apline trees, So thats what we ended up doing. They are so hard to decorate because they are so small.
We are packing our bags and are ready to leave for WA for the hoildays. I am so exited. This means family, snowmobling, my birthday, snowboarding, sledding, Christmas, the Cabin, games, food and much much more! I can't WAIT! Only 3 more days!
Merry Christmas to Everyone and have a safe fun time whatever you'll be doing!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

My parents were able to come visit halloween weekend. I was so glad they came. I enjoyed their company. We didn't do a whole lot, but it was just fun to have them here with me and to show them around the area. Thanks again Mom and Dad for coming down and spending time with us. We miss you guys!

My little piggies are getting so big. I feel bad some mornings cause i'll go out to feed them and their water will be frozen solid and they'll come out of the barn walking so stiff cause i'm sure they are frozen! I want them to live in luxury until they have to die and end up in my freezer. ha
So the day my parents flew in, we did the whole tourist shoppong thing in Jackson, WY and we went to this one cute boutique and they had a drawing that we could enter to win this cute hand bag. Well-I WON!! A few days after I had entered the drawing, I got a phone call saying I won this hand bag. I was freaking out like a little girl. haha! I love it!
At the begining of fall, John and his brother, Luke, turned the old family suburban into the ultimate hunting rig. They put an old lift from another pickup onto the suburban and than we camouflouge it. Which wasn't that easy...that's alot of painting to do. But it turn out great. Than with the help of my amazing cricut I was able to cut them out some vinyl sayings that they wanted. haha crazy boys!
I have to admit when I drive it around I feel I have past the point of being a redneck...

Monday, October 26, 2009

Your never to old!

Your never to old to carve pumpkins! We had a blast the other night carving pumkins with Chantz and Jessica. . .but than again, we always have fun when we hang out with them! Don't mind John's pumpkin...he thought he was being funny! I told him that one wasn't going home with us. Chantz 's sister and brother-in-law live just down the street from them, so we deciede to pull a little prank. haha. We set John's lite pumpkin on their door step and than we "black person" knocked them. LOL!! It was SO fun! we all felt like high schoolers again. Crazy part was, when Andy (the bro-in-law) opened the door the neighbors black cat was sitting right next to the pumpkin. kind of creepy I know! haha! GOOD TIMES!

This is a wreath I made back in september. I loved how it turned out. I wanted to hang it outside, but I don't think it'll hold up to well on the outside of our camper.haha :) It was so easy to make and so cheap. Wreaths are so expensive these days, especailly the cute ones. I think I made this one for under $8.00! what a deal! haha, I love making things for cheap!

Addie's Baby

My old roomie, Addie, had her baby the 14th of Oct.
I made her a baby blanket. It was quiet the project...I deceide to machine quilt it...on my own. haha. It turned out better than I thought it would. I was quiet impressed!! If you look close enough at the picture you'll see the flowers that are quilted on.
She is such a cutie! ...I guess this means I have an excuse to go to rexburg more often to visit Addie and Nelissa!

Monday, October 5, 2009

TaKe a LoOk!

Hi everyone, I recently started selling my crafts on You'll have to check it out and tell me what you think! :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Good bye summer!

Well for us here in Idaho, summer is long gone! No more warm days. I'm sad in a way, but excited in another. This means it's that much closer to snowmobiling time! I ask john if i could get my sled out yesterday as the snow continued to fall, and he thought I was crazy. Soon enough though. But, it is hunting season time are we are deffinitly excited for that. We have been counting the days down.

John's already ahead of me on kills this year...Yup, he shot a Mt. Lion. Well, first it almost tried to take his life...but he killed it before it had the chance. Thank heavens! So in another couple months we'll have a Mt. Lion skin laying acrossed our couch. I'm not sure how i feel about that quiet yet. Those things already give me the hebegebies!!

My garden did great this year. I was queit proud. haha. My sweet corn was very small. I told John its baby size compared to the stuff i'm use to back in WA. . .haha, but thats what you getting when you live in Idaho. boo! haha

This is a picture of luke holding some of my cabbage. No
one really liked to eat it so it kind of over grew. . .

. . . but thats ok, cause i was able to shoot it with my new gun! It was seriously the coolest thing ever to watch get shot. haha! it exploded!

Friday, September 11, 2009

My latest creations!

Here are a few of my latest creations. I wish I had more time to craft. But i guess if i'd have anymore time, i'd need a bigger place to live. :) I've been quiet impressed with myself lately in what i've been able to make. I have learned to cut out blocks, make frames, and use all resourses to try and be creative! John keeps telling me that I can't make anything else until i start selling them. haha, he is crazy! :) Now if i was to tell him he can't kill anymore animals until he starts selling them he'd think i was crazy! Silly boy! I can't get this darn picture flipped around, but this is a wedding gift I made. I have made a few others lately but they have been in different colors.
This one is probably my favorite. I saw this saying and went from there. It is made entirely from scratch. To bad it doesn't fit in my camper! HAJohn and I were out huntin the other night right next to a grain field and knew it would make for a perfect decoration for fall. So, i took some :) This is very easy to make and super cute!This are the blocks my sister in law Brittany and I made while i was up visiting WA. I was able to take my cricut with me, I love told Brittany, who just bought one that she now has a new love in her life! It is so true! hahaha We had a lot of fun making them and can't wait to go home to WA again....maybe christmas blocks next time?

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fair Week

A couple weeks ago I drove up to Washington for a visit with my family. Come to find out they didn't want me to come up and be on "vacation" it was more to come up and work! haha. I was able to help out with fair week. My family has been showing animals for quiet some time now, and even though its a pain in the butt. . . deep down we all enjoy it! This was the start of the week, right before we took the pigs in , they got a little Bath. You can tell who is doing all the work....not the little one in the back ;)
Here is my sister Morgan and Alison showing there oinkers.
For the rodeo that was Wed-Sat, we hitched grandpas horses twice each night. The first was just a run through before the rodeo showing off the team. Than, the second time was in the middle of the rodeo, we gave rides out in the arena for those who received awards, so us as the crew had to run out there and hold horses while the people who received awards got their pictures taken. Thats why we are all matching. While we were holding horses, the rodeo clown was hitting on us, hahaha! :0)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What we've been up to...

It has been a rather busy summer and I haven't had much time to post the latest.
So here it is...
John turned a quarter of a century on the 22nd of June. I threw him a party and invited friends and family. It was a great turn out. We played the bag game and had lots of snacks and of course-John's favorite-Cheese cake.

For the 4th of July we went up to Washington for a quick visit. I was glad to get to go home even it was only for a short time. While there we went up to Couer d'alene for an Edler family reunion. We stayed at Triple Play one night, that is where they have the in door water park. That was lots of fun. Than the next two night we camped out by Silverwood theme and water park and went to silverwood for the 3rd and 4th.

Lately, John and I have enjoyed riding up Packsaddle and Playing on the rope swing. (its a place up in the Mts.)

Another thing we've enjoyed doing together this summer is fishing, we've gone quiet a few times and I usually catch more fish than John, but this last time we went up to South Leigh and John caught more than me :)

Aside from all of the fun stuff. We do work and not just play all the time. Even though life would be much funner that way. :0)