Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Old Faithful

In Yellowstone National Park, We went up with one of John's classes on a field trip.

Football team-Go trash queens!


John cutting up his deer, and me assisting...haha i wasn't much help. Soon we will be cutting up my deer :)

Emo Boy

Yup These are my jeans. We went to a halloween party last weekend and john dressed up as a "byui" student. or in other words and emo...i dont know what boys are thinging these days when they were girl jeans, its SICK! When ever i see some one like this i just always mention to them, hey nice jeans they are tighter than mine, Sick! Anyways, we had a good time and i'm glad now that those jeans are streched out and won't fit me anymore beacuse i would be sad if john was the same size as me. :) maybe this means i should get some new jeans? i think thats a great idea! haha

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Great Outdoors

John and I out duck hunting on opening day. His brother Mark came as well, he had better luck than us, but i did shoot one duck but it was in the middle of the river and no one wanted to go out and get it...poor little ducky. haha. We sure do enjoy the outdoors, that's why john and i get along so great, we just have so many common interest! ...and even though I'm a Washington fan one hundred percent, I have to say, Idaho is starting to grow on me. But I am learning more and more about john each day. For example, when he tells you not to shoot, you better just shoot haha, other wise you'll miss the chance, and than after the birds fly to far away, he'll say, we should of shot them, and I then reply I told you so! haha good times! :)