Monday, March 22, 2010

Snow day anyone?

While the weather was doing this outside....

I was finishing this inside....

I was so glad I finally finished it. I was a little worried that it wasn't going to turn out how I wanted it to, but I LOVE it! I am so excited to put some bows on it and hang it up on a wall!
Here is the process it took to make it, it really was pretty dang easy.

We had a little visitor last week. We kept smelling him around. John set a trap inside the pig barn hoping to catch the skunk...well he did! John thought he wouldn't be able to spray in there when he first set the trap. We realized real quick after he was caught that he had plenty of room to spray. Oh my nasty, did it stink we were like 10 feet away trying to look at it and it sprayed. .. i swear it got in my mouth. haha, its was so gross. John was going to take it out back and kill it , but after that little experience he got as far away as he could, but was still able to see it and took care of it...

Thats all we've been up to in the last i'm just hoping for SpRiNg!! My family is coming into town in 3 days and we are SO excited, maybe they'll bring the warm weather with them?! Cross your finger! :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Every chance John gets, he always wants to go coyote hunting. Though they might not have the best luck most of the time, he still really enjoys it. Here is a picture of Chantz and John the other night after Chantz killed this coyote.

As for me, every chance I get i'm thinking of baby things I can make. Keeps me pretty busy! This is a bow holder I have in the makings.... Its hard to tell how it all works out now, but I will be sure to post more pictures as I get further along.

This cute little camo set was from my parents. Once we found out that it was a girl, John said that we'd probably have to take it back since it didn't have any pink on it...I fixed that problem... :) Now John approves of it. haha! I love the ruffles on the bum...I just need to think of a few more ways to add pink to this camo. :)

. . .and here I am at 21 weeks. It feels like every day i get a little bigger and bigger. She kicks all the time now. John has felt it quiet a few times and he loves its, so ever day when he comes home, or when we are just sitting around, he'll randomly asks, is she moving? its cute...sometimes annoying, but cute! :)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Its a GIRL!

We are so excited. Since I was a little girl I always thought i'd have a boy first, so i was a little suprised to find out its a girl, but we are SO excited. Johns a little worried now that he will be over powered with a mini me running around...i think it'll be good for him. :) Our appointment went great, the baby is healty and is a constant mover. Now the fun begins...time to go to the craft store! YAY!

Monday, March 1, 2010


Which do you think it'll be?
Tomorrow we find out what we are having!! We are so excited. It feels like we having been waiting for forever to find out.

Here are a few pictures of what we've been up to this last month...

John's little brother Luke entered the MTC, he will be serving in the Phillippians. We got to go down to Utah with some of the family to drop him off. We are sad he is gone, especailly John, but we are glad he is such an awesome example to us!

I don't know how people get John and Luke mixed up all the time-maybe cause i'm married to John i don't think they look that much alike, who knows....
The kid is addicted to MT. Dew, he enter the MTC with a 24 pack...I bet he made lots of friends :)
I have finally been able to use my snowboard passes this year. My friend Jessica and I went up last friday. It was amazing! haha. There was powder and the sun was shining! I even got a little sun burnt haha
This year has been such a sucky one for snowmobiling...It has been a bad year for avalanches up here and the mountians have been socked in almost every weekend when we get the chance to go or the snow is rock hard, so its not worth going...I am actually quiet bummed because of it. But we've gone up twice in the last couple weeks for short rides just cause I hate watching our sleds just sit there getting no use out of them! haha
And this is my latest creation. Ever since Christmas time i've been rather tired of doing crafts. I finally got around to creating something again. For Christmas I got a jigsaw and a cordless screw driver, so i've been anxious to use them. I wanted to make some sort of Easter decoration, so I started doodling around and this is what I came up with. It was so easy to cut. I am very very impressed with myself! haha!

I will be sure to post tomorrow of the next day to let everyone know what we are having! :)