Thursday, April 19, 2012


We got our baby ducks again. Raegan loves them. They are too big for her to hold now but she still asks if she can hold them, instead she just chases them aroundI always love going home to visit and live the country life again. John's youngest brother, Luke, got home from his mission on the 22nd of February. John was so excited to have him home!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Our Chirstmas Caribbean Cruise

Christmas 2011(I finally had some time to post about our Christmas this last year....only 4 months late)

Christmas day

We arrived in Puerto Rico on the 24th and boarded the ship. Christmas day was spent cruising from Puerto Rico down to St. Lucia (our first Island destination)

We swam, played mini golf, pool, visited the casino, ate..lots, laid in the sun and spent lots of time together. Our favorite was mini golf we played at least 2 games a day!

Christmas Dinner

St. Lucia

We toured the island than ended up at a beach. The island wasn't as wealthy as some of the others, but it was still very green and pretty. There was tons of locals always trying to sell us their crap which got annoying fast!! I saw my first Banana tree.

St. Kitts

This was my favorite day! Michael and Brittany rented a scooter and went around the whole island, they had lots of fun-some reason I didn't get those pictures from her though...

This beach was a smaller one out of the way. The water was so clear. We found lots of fun shells when we were snorkeling. We also rented a jet ski and that was a blast. The waves out in the ocean made it so bumpy-but that is what made it fun!

The first picture is of the Atlantic Ocean divided by land from the Caribbean. The Caribbean is lots smoother and warmer water.


My parents and Raegan went on a island tour in Antiqua while us kids went ziplining. We all had an awesome time!

St. Croix

It rained on us at the Beach in St. Croix But only for a little, than it cleared up and was a nice day. This beach we went to was know for snorkeling. We rented snorkel gear there. There was a giant reef there, but the catch was we had to swim about 200 yards out to it. This was a total workout--especially the swim back in. Because of the rain, the ocean there was the roughest we had seen it yet. I was not able to stay out snorkeling long cause the waves were making me sea sick-literally! haha We saw a sting ray and tons of bright fish. John, Michael and Morgan saw a sea turtle and John also dove down 20 feet for a really pretty sea shell.

This was our 2nd Formal Dinner....The meals were always SO goodSt. Thomas

This was about everyone's favorite island. We spent the whole day at the beach. There we saw 5 iguanas-wild ones too. Raegan enjoyed our whole trip, but she really enjoyed this day. She played in the sand and the ocean but her favorite spot was where people rinsed the sand off their feet...the water was really cold in there too so I think just the fact that it was her size made it the "hit spot".
Overall, we had a blast soaking up the sun, swimming and enjoying time with family! Best Christmas yet! We loved visiting the West Indies and the US Virgin Islands. We would go back tomorrow if we could. Definitely a recommended vacation spot! A Cruise was the way to go-didn't have to worry about when and what you were having to eat cause there was always a buffet and Dinner was always so good and there was always some sort of entertainment!