Thursday, October 18, 2012

Kynleigh Jane 9.17.12 (part 1)

I have been putting off blogging about the arrival of Kynleigh, not because I don't want to blog about her but simply the fact that I usually have two kids screaming at the same time needing my attention every time I sit down to do something "I" want to do! But a month has passed and I think I am figuring out this whole two kid thing as life has returned back to normal-or should I say the new normal.

(FIY, this is for my own journaling purposes, but fell free to continue reading if you like! :))

The Sunday before Kynleigh arrived, I felt like labor was close because I was caring her at a +1 station, had been dilated to a 2 and over 80% effaced for over a week. I went to sacrament meeting and than played the sick card,  for the fact that I didn't want to deal with anymore people asking when this baby was going to arrive, or people commenting-wow, you have to be about done. ....ya think?! HA It was especially annoying when it was other mothers that had been in the same situations before. I would of liked to seen them pregnant! (no names). Sunday afternoon I just started to feel uncomfortable and I felt like when I stood up that my legs needed to be spread. As the night went on it kind of went away, either that or I was getting use to how I was feeling. Well fast forward to 4:30am on Monday I woke up to what I thought was me peeing a little... LOL- don't laugh, all you mothers out there know what I'm talking about! So I just went back to bed and didn't think much of it. When I woke up I had a couple other times where water would trickle was a small trickle though. Still didn't think much of it. So I called my mom and told her what was going on and asked her what its like when your water breaks. She than told me to call the Dr office and ask them some questions that I had. I called, and the lady told me, I can't determine if your water broke over the phone, I'll make you an appointment and you can come in and we will test you. Keep in mind the hospital is almost an 1 1/2 hours away so I didn't want to drive out there if I didn't have to. After some thought I figured, its better to be safe than sorry- so we made an appointment, gathered all our hospital things, just in case, and headed for Idaho Falls. After arriving to my appointment late, I finally saw the doctor. First thing I said when he came in was I feel dumb for coming in and thinking my water has broke but I'm not sure whats going on and (like I said), its better to be safe than sorry. So he checked me and without having to be tested he told me my water had broke and I was dilated to a 5cm. Might I add-with no contractions.  This is the part I feel blessed, I was so afraid of going into labor like I did with Raegan with this baby for the fear of having quick labors and having to deliver this baby in the car. haha. I believe that if it was for me cleaning the church the Saturday previously  that my water broke and was able to get to the hospital without the chance of having to deliver in the car. (for all you LDS members out there-you are blessed for taking your turn and cleaning the church in one way or another. haha)
Then, they admitted me into the hospital hooked me up to all the wonder devices and there I waited. They told me my contractions were coming every 1-2 min apart but still wasn't feeling anything. (I felt like the Race car drivers wife on what to expect when expecting at this point haha) After an hour and having only felt a handful of contractions, the nurse came in and said that my contractions had almost gone away.  They than gave me a small dose of pitocin and than my contractions starting coming on strong. By the time I asked for the epidural my contractions felt stronger than ever, I received the epidural and than they check me and I was already to a 10 and was needing to push. The nurse told me if I would of waited a minute longer to receive the epidural I wouldn't of been able to receive one. It was go time now and I could still move my bum and legs to get positioned for pushing. After about 15 minutes of pushing (with the epidural in maybe half affect) and waiting for the Dr to arrive and about 2 hours since they gave me pitocin, my sweet little 6lb 6oz baby had arrived.
      We feel so very blessed to have another healthy beautiful baby girl. Raegan adores her little sister but is definitely jealous at times because she no longer receive all the attention. We have learned that Kynleigh does not know how to play catch, she has a rather tough head from Raegan either smothering her or hitting her for no reason and that she is watched over because I don't know how many times during the day Raegan tries to pick her up. There is definitely sisterly love and I know they will grow up to be best friends. Some cute things Raegan does is when people ask her what her sisters name is, she replies baby sister. or when she goes up to her and says, I love you baby sister, or when Kynleigh will toot (which she does a lot of, like manly toots too) Raegan will look at me and say, mom, Baby sister needs to go potty. haha 
Life around the Strongs household is never boring!

  (Post below has more pictures)


Kynleigh Jane (part 2)

 Grandma and Papa come to visit (1 week)
Sisterly love...always asking to hold baby sister
First bath with Raegan
 First time to Chruch (4 weeks)

Monday, October 8, 2012

Summer fun

 This summer included boating at palisades reservoir, floating the river-multiple times, going to the Blackfoot fair, riding horses, lots of 4 wheeler rides, scouting and checking trail cameras for deer with dad, helping dad with work, camping, lots of fishing, family visiting, going to visit family, playing outside, swim lessons, swimming, going on walks and Raegan having a new baby sister join the family. We are very sad that summer has come to an end and that the cold weather has come to stay, but we are all very excited to see what winter brings!

Bear World and Civil Defense Caves

 We did a lot of fun summer activities this year! We took John's brother James family to the Civil defense caves. The Calderwoods were smart and brought glow sticks that they broke open inside the cave and splashed on the walls.

My sister Morgan came down and stayed with us for a week. We love having her stay with us, Raegan especially! After the civil defense caves we went to bear world. I love bear world, its definitely worth the money to drive around their park and than go to the petting zoo and ride the rides. Raegan really enjoyed it this year. I love the picture of her and Whitley looking out the car window at all the animals. Raegan kept making shooting noises when she would see the deer and elk. Her dad has trained her well! ;)