Monday, May 17, 2010

9 weeks left...

It finally warmed up here and we've have been enjoying being out side. Saturday we got the ducks out and John had the bright idea to put a chain link fence around an old tramp so the dogs wouldn't get the ducks. He is so funny, he spent a couple hours sat and sun just playing with them. lol! Here he is trying to herd them into the little "pond" he had for them. Sortly after, her discovered that they loved the water hose, so he put a spinkler on the end of it and left it in there and they would just stand under. it was pretty funny to watch.

The other day I meet up with some old roomies and went out for lunch! It was so fun catching up with them and talking about the good ol days single at college. I miss those girls. You wouldn't believe how much has changed in just in two years time. Addie and Sumer the girls on both ends, both have little girls and alaina, the one to the left of me is pretty much engaged to her boyfriend.
I got the garden all ready and am hoping to plant some time this week if it doesn't end up storming all week like the weather channel says it will. I started what I could inside and they are about ready to be transplanted outside. I love gardening. John calls me a little hobby farmer and he also makes fun of me cause I grow all these things in the garden and I don't even like to eat most of them :)
Other than that, I've been some what getting ready for our little girl to come, I dont know if you can ever be fully ready?! I need to finish making a few things such as her crib skirting and curtains but I think I'll wait for my mom and sisters when they come to visit to help me finish up. :) Lucky them!
And finally, here is a picture of me last week at 30 weeks. Time is going by so fast, and I can't believe we will soon have a little addition in our home. We are so excited to meet her. She continues to grow faster and faster and I can't believe my stomach stretches this far. haha. I am almost to the point that I want it to be over, but ever one keeps telling me the worst part is just getting started...oh great!... I'm sure it will all be worth it though right?! She kicks and moves all the time now. I loved it when you'd feel these soft pokes come from inside, but now she kicks or something and I am like OUCH! that hurts...John just thinks its great! He loves watching and feeling her move, its cute.