Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Snow filled weekend!

We were SO happy that is snowed enough here a couple weeks ago and that we were able to play in it! We sure miss that part about Idaho.  On Friday we pulled the girls around in the yard. I think they love playing in the snow as much as I do. There really wasn't a ton of snow but enough to enjoy.
Saturday we went up to Pomeroy and took the snowmobiles. We went on a short ride than just played around the snow park, roasted some hot dogs,  sledded down a hill, and pulled the triple tube and knee boards around. Its was pretty chilly up there, so the girls didn't last long playing outside. 
Sunday was probably one of the best snow days we've had in a long time. The day started with church being canceled. We were up and getting ready for church when we got the call that it was canceled. John and I felt like little kids when school gets canceled because of snow. (not that we wanted to miss church, but that there was enough snow to go play in) We all headed out to my parents farm. We got the 4 wheeler out and our mini bike and had a blast. Michael and Brittany had their Go-Pro so we didn't take many pictures. The boys spent most their time busting drifts, spinning cookies and riding in the ditch. We got pulled on the knee boards and had fun jumping into the huge drifts (huge for WA) that had formed inside the ditch. Haha. I can't wait to see how funny we look with the video they recorded.  
I LOVE the snow!
Later that day we did some coyote hunting. We saw a few but only ended up killing one. John was rather shocked when I squoze the trigger on a 300 yard shot and hit it! Mostly because he had missed a couple prior. haha! The competition between us continues! haha, I love my husband!
I doubt we get anymore snow here this year, but we hope we do! :)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

CHS Cheer Clinic

 The day had finally come where Raegan could do the little Cheer clinic! I was SO excited. I remember doing it when I was a little girl and I always enjoyed being the cheerleader and teaching it. When we first got to the practice she was being shy because she thought Morgan was going to be her teacher and she wasn't. She didn't know anyone in her group and had never done anything like this before. Her cousin Emily Edler was in the group older than her, so the last 20 minutes I put her into Emily's group and she was finally enjoying it. I should of done that at first.
Isn't she SO cute? I was really nervous that she wasn't going to perform that night, just by how practice went for her... But turns out she is a natural!

Priest Lake fun!

We were invited to go to the Eppich family cabin by Jason and Karen. We had a really fun weekend. Raegan had such a good time playing with all her little friends. She doesn't get to play with kids her age that much. The snow wasn't the greatest, but we were glad they at least had snow. The kids really enjoyed playing on a little sledding hill by the cabin. The weekend was filled with lots of yummy food, sledding, staying up late and playing games! Can we go back now? :)
Our group!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

More of Christmas

Santa managed to find our house after he visited us on the Cruise ship.  Don't mind how homely looking we look in these pictures. We had just gotten home from our trip. It was a long 24 hours since we had left Puerto Rico. (we flew into Seattle, stayed the night than drove home the next morning) 
Since we weren't going to be here for Christmas this year, we decided not to get a tree. So we used my little d├ęcor tree for our Christmas tree instead. It was a pretty sad looking Christmas tree, but it served its purpose for our house this year. The girls got a few simple things from us, since we did just go on a Cruise, and Santa brought a awesome Geo-Trax train. They love it.
I made the little aprons on the bottom right picture. They are SO cute! haha I should of made one for myself as well.

Scrapbook page

For Christmas John's family sends each sibling's family a scrapbook page of happenings of that year. We have a binder full of scrapbook pages from years previous. It is a fun tradition!
Here is our 2013 Scrapbook page!
2013 was a good year! It was full of lots of big decisions. One being our move to Washington. We have been so very blessed and are excited to see what 2014 has in store for us.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam!

This little girl is now in the Sunbeam class at church!
Raegan June Strong {3 1/2}
 This picture is of her first Sunday as a Sunbeam. She wanted her little bag she got in St. Kitts to be her scriptures bag. Her teachers are Coriann and Tucker Fraughton. She really likes them as her teachers. They are fun!
These pictures below are of Raegan's first sunday going to nursery. They aren't the best pictures, one is before Church and one after. I can't believe how much our little girl has grown. What a cutie! It sure is fun watching her grow!  
{18 months}