Thursday, December 19, 2013

Family Bowling party

 We had our 2nd annual Edler Family bowling party! We all had a lot of fun. Not everyone was able to make it this year, but we still had a good turn out. Kynleigh wanted the pins the whole time, so she was a little cranky. Than grandma pulled out the tub of licorice and she was fine! :)
I think Randy won with the highest score of 158. No one told me we were competing till my score was too far gone. ha! Better luck next year!

Our Christmas train

I scored a black Friday deal at Porters this year, A Christmas Train. Kynleigh was a little unsure of the train at first and would start to cry once the train started to move, but now they both enjoy watching in go round and round. They have made some tunnels for it and quite a few toys have even been able to ride.

This Christmas train is such a good book. I bought this for the girls as well. We read this story first and than they were able to unwrap the train. This book is pretty neat to us. The illustrator, Dan Burr, was in our old ward in Idaho. We have a few books that he has done. He bases the drawing after people he knows, mostly people in our old ward. In this book we knew all the characters. Kind of fun!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Family Pictures

 A good friend of mine, Jessica 'Bailie' Martinez, from way back when took these pictures back in October. We love how they turned out! I always get so nervous for family pictures and wonder, do our outfits match, will my hair look ok, are the kids going to cooperate, is the husband going to cooperate? It's stressful! haha I've learned though, if I remember to pack snacks for the girls and a Mountain dew for John, we usually do ok! :) Raegan was being shy for some odd reason, but Jessie managed to sneak some good ones of her!
These are some of our favorite ones!

 Love them!

 Who doesn't love a good black and white picture?!

Monday, December 9, 2013


I love that I remember to take pictures the days I teach preschool. In this first picture I totally captured them all laughing while playing play dough. They are all such cute kids. I have enjoyed teaching them. Although, I never want to be a full time preschool teacher, everyone once and awhile is a lot of fun :)

Raegan, Paisley, Wyatt and Brooklyn (Rushton was absent this day)
(Thanksgiving post is below)


We were able to spend thanksgiving down in Idaho. We left a little before Thanksgiving because John did the white tail bow hunt.  It was fun catching up with friends and family, even though we were there for two weeks, I still felt like we weren't able to hang out with people as much as we would of liked.  I guess there is always next time.

John's sister, Sandra, hosted Thanksgiving this year. The Wards, Gillespie's, Cody and Emma Long, Luke and Ali Strong, Grandma and Grandpa Clyde where all there. It was a fun group. Thanksgiving night Sandra, Anna and I went to Wal-Mart to snag some Black Friday deals. I had never been before and it ended up being a pretty good experience. Probably because I had good company. ;) Raegan stayed Thanksgiving night with all her cousins. She LOVED it. I think that made her whole trip.
Surprisingly, there wasn't much snow yet in Driggs. Which we were totally bummed about. We did take advantage of the little bit that was there though. Kynleigh loved discovering what is was all about. She was only 5 months when we moved from there last winter so she didn't remember it.
 Here is a picture John took from up in his tree stand. He was trophy hunting and never got the chance to find that one big deer he was hopping for, which was fine for me, we still have ton of deer meat from last year.
 Here are a couple pictures of Raegan and Whitley. These two are seriously going to be life long best friends. I love watching the excitement when they get to play with each other. I just wish they lived closer together so they could play more.

 We drove by Craters of the Moon on our way down to Idaho. I had never seen it. It was very cool. Next time we will have to stop in at the visitors center.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Disney on Ice

 John and I took Raegan to Disney on Ice on November 1st. She LOVED it! That day was all about her. I took her to find a new princess dress and we went out to eat than to the show. She was so excited to be dressed just like Rapunzel. She even had me braid her hair for the show and even kept her crown on the whole time.

I'm pretty sure John liked it just as much as Raegan and I did.
 When they were getting ready to do the Tangled scenes, Raegan turned to me and said mom, I need to go out there, its my turn! haha! It was really cute! She was also confused when the mermaids came out, she told me that they weren't mermaids because they had legs.

All I had was my phone, so the pictures aren't the greatest!
When we were walking to the car Raegan said to us, I was the prettiest Rapunzel there. Then, once we got in the car and headed to go pick up Kynleigh (thanks again Emily for watching her) Raegan said to us, That show was spectacular! haha Where does this girl learn these big words! I'm glad she enjoyed it cause I know I did :)


The CUTEST Cruella Deville and little Dalmatian puppy you'll ever see!
The week before Halloween we attended the Elementary schools Halloween Carnival. It was packed full of kids.  Raegan had a lot of fun playing games, making crafts, painting pumpkins, getting her face painted and eat lots of treat! It was a really good carnival. I haven't been to many, but it was the best one I've ever been too.
For Family night we carved pumpkins! Raegan really enjoyed it and Kynleigh, well she was more interested in stacking the candles and making a bigger mess than was already being made. We had fun!
Halloween is definitely a lot better once you have kids! The day started off with preschool at our house. The kids all wore their costumes and we probably played more games and ate more candy than we should of :) We did learn some! Later we attended our wards Trunk or Treat than we took the girls Trick or Treating.
Kynleigh learned what those things are at the end of a stick (suckers), and whenever she sees one or sees someone with one, she freaks out because she wants it!! The girls had a good time on Halloween and so did we!

Kynleigh turns 1

Kynleigh Jane is 1!
This past year has gone by the fastest yet.  I can now see how people say the years go by faster and faster the older you get. She is such a sweet little girl. She has been our cuddler and John really enjoys that! On her 11 month mark she took her first step and within two week she was taking off! She actually learned to walk while we were gone on our Cruise-bitter/sweet! Ha! She is quite the talker like her bigger sister. Before she was one she could say More, Mom, Dad, moo, meow, and rah(what a bear says). Since then she has learned uh oh, milk, gra (grandma), hi, rany (randy) quack and ball.
I love this stage; their personality’s come out so much! She loves to play with dad and it’s the cutest thing ever when she hears him walk through the door after work, she literally hollers DAD?! And runs to the door and gives him a huge hug than goes off gibbering about whatever she might be saying!  She is currently learning to eat with a fork and she is catching on quickly (she seems to catch on quickly to most things, I think it cause she watches her big sister). She has 12 teeth and had them since she was 11 months. We have finally had a month and half break from teething (knock on wood). This girl was nonstop teething since she was 4 months old, poor thing! She is still lacking in the hair department-I think it because her body has just been worried about growing teeth and not hair!  Thank heavens she doesn’t pull off bows. She has been called a boy a few more times than I would like and it bugs me…BAD! Raegan had so much hair so I’m still getting use to a baldy! ;) its starting to come in now though! She has the cutest little smile and it definitely melts our heart.
Here is some pictures of her little birthday party we had! Our little Lady Bug Kynleigh Jane turned one of the 17th of September!
We had live performers that night, thanks to Raegan, Remi, and Wyatt. She wasn't feeling to good on her birthday so she didn't even really care about her cake. Good thing I did a photo shoot the week before so she got to experience it! :)


4 other moms and I have started a preschool where we rotate teaching preschool each week. It has worked out so nice and Raegan really enjoys it. She looks forward to it each week and she has learned way more in this short amount of time at preschool than she has with just me teaching her at home. I think it’s because it’s always more fun to learn when you’re with friends-in her case anyway!
Here is a pictures of a couple kids from our preschool group and another preschool group we know. This is their first field trip. We went to the Country Mercantile and they got to ride a hay ride to get  pumpkins!


 John and I were able to go on an Alaskan Cruise for our 5th year wedding anniversary! It was a BLAST! It was so nice to just go somewhere just the two of us! John served his mission up in Alaska and on one of our stops was where john served 6 months, so it was really neat to see and hear stories from his mission.

(I made a photo book through of our trip to Alaska. It turned out awesome. So I'm only going to share mostly pictures because I already have our trip record, but if you're ever over, I'll show you our book.)

In Ketchikan we went on a float plane ride through Misty Fjords. It was so Beautiful! We landed in one of the canals and were able to get out of the plane onto the pontoons and take a look around, the water was so pretty and so were the view!
below are some pictures of a couple Glaciers, as well as pictures from Totem bight state park. The picture below on the top left is my favorite, with the sea lions on top of the buoy.
Below on the right there are two pictures of John from his mission in 2005, and two from 2013.
 We saw so many humpback whales on our cruise. They are such huge animals! The flowers and vegetation up in Alaska are spectacular. The flowers were big as my head.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Summers Happenings in pictures!

Is it summer yet?  It went by way to fast and I’m really not ready for all this cold weather we have been having. We did have a good summer though! Here are pictures of some of our summer activities!
Catching tadpoles -a personal favorite ;)
 redoing our kitchen table and a dresser and night stands for Alison
 Slip-n-slide, Raegan was a little surprised when I showed her how it was done
 Run or Dye 5K with Morgan
 Playing with kitties (the random cat that lived at this house before us had 3 this summer)
 Play date with one of Raegans friends, Remi Eppich
 Some more furniture redo. Bought this bed frame from a friend for a good price. It's oak and I painted it yellow (than glazed it). My dad thought I was a little crazy!
 lots of stroller rides, yes the dog does come and no he doesn't usually ride too. Raegan fell asleep like this and our dog (taco) just sat and stared at her for a good 5 minutes.. They are seriously best friends!
 Alison's bridal shower with all the Anderson/Strong girls! :) Love my family!
 Boat races with some of our good friends, Aubrey and Skyler Eppich (I look like I'm afraid of her, haha ;)
 Went to Silverwood for Morgan's birthday. Here is Raegan riding with Marlo on the train ride
 Doing some bow fishing on Cody's boat. The boys got a couple big ones. We were mostly there for the tan ;)
Yes, Kynleigh did have her life jacket on for 90% of the time.
 Raegan did swim lessons with my cousin Karigan Eppich at their pool. We got to go swimming there through out the summer too. We love to swim at aunt Janet's pool.
 I'm pretty sure my kids are going to be motor heads and I'm totally fine with that. This little four wheeler has been this summers favorite toy for both girls.
 and this one for dad!
 Oh and did I mention this is how Kynleigh really learned to walk. Raegan would drive the 4 wheeler and Kynleigh hung on for dear life...It was actually really funny and happened on more than one occasion.
 Swimming in the backyard. Surprisingly she had a swim suit on in the picture.

At the Benton-Franklin fair 

 This little girl loves horses!
 and this one loves to eat Dirt oh and Dog food. Every time she goes outside, she heads straight for the dog food dish.

 Raegan says that Wyatt is her Best Friend ( isn't this such a cute picture?!)
 This is when she was learning to walk
 My mom is the only one that can get her to fall asleep like this.
 Riding bareback when Uncle Randy and Aunt Jody were babysitting.
Rides out at Juniper dunes 
 Jason Aldean Concert with Thomas Rhett and Jake Owen, it was a BLAST!
I've have now seen him twice in concert and would definitely go again. He does not disappoint!
 It was my mom, Morgan, Marlo and me!
They have lots of bonding experiences. haha Raegan and Grandpa are Racing in this picture!
We also went to Jetskiing quite a few times but nobody seemed to get any pictures, but man,
after uploading all of these pictures, I now know why our summer was SO busy and went by SO fast!  It was definitely one for the books!