Monday, October 28, 2013

Alison & Luke's Wedding 8.3.13

My sister Alison and John’s brother, Luke got married in the Columbia River temple on the 3rd of August. It was a busy summer until that point with working on decorations and getting things prepared for the reception. My mom, sister in laws, sisters and I put it on. The reception was Amazing! It was a good time and the food was amazing too!
Here are some pictures of our families after the wedding.
My two sister in laws Jody and Brittany and sister, Morgan
Here is all the family that attended at the temple. (notice John and I in the back, he thought he was rather creative)
Anderson side (with the Eppichs, Edlers and Thompsons)
Strong Side of the family
Some of the nieces and nephews on the Strong side

 My parents rented a huge obstacle bounce house for the reception. It was a hit!
Here are a few pictures of the reception.  It was so dang cute! haha

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Our latest trip to Idaho (from back when)

(For some reason this was saved as a draft and was never published onto my blog back from the beginning of May I believe, so here it is now)

On our trip down to Idaho, right as we were passing Rexburg on our way to Driggs, I turned to John and said, it doesn't even feel like we have left. We really do miss Driggs and all our friends and family there! It was hard just "visiting" cause we wanted to visit with so many people and do so many favorite activities in such a short time. We did manage to sneak in some of our favorite things...
Meeting their new cousin Adam, and visiting with Family
Playing with some cousins at grandma Strong's.
Riding horses with the Lemiux's
Fishing on Spring Creek
Hanging out with the Calderwood's (kind of a blurry picture, I'm pretty sure these two will date at some point ;))
Dirt bike riding up to packsaddle (we ran into snow when we went. We kept getting stuck, but ended up making it all the way into the lake!)

Monday, October 14, 2013

Raegan 3rd birthday


I can’t believe Raegan turned 3 on the 5th of July! She is such a fun little girl. Here are some fun facts about Raegan
-Makes friends very easily
-Loves playing outside, no matter what the weather is
-Loves animals
-has a funny personality(likes to make people laugh) and says some of the darn’ist things
-is a good helper
-loves to cook
-loves to do crafts
-Loves playing in the dirt, but also loves her princesses (she is well rounded :))
-Her hair grows really fast. She has had two haircuts in the last 8 months and needs another one
-talks very well for her age
-Loves music, She has a handful of songs that are “her” songs.
-Started preschool this September and talks about it all the time. She loves it!

We spend her birthday down in Driggs and she was pretty happy about that!She decided this year that she wanted a princess cake. I got lucky and didn’t have to make one because we weren’t home. We ended up buying one and I thought it turned out pretty cute! For her birthday we bought pizza and took it up to the Darby girls camp spot and ate and went down their huge slide they have there. After that we came back down to Grandma Strong's house and had ice cream and cake!


4th of July

The girls, my sister Morgan and I went down to Idaho with John at the end of June while he poured some concrete down there. We were lucky enough to be able to spend the 4th of July there as well, which meant that we got to see all the family that was in town visiting during that time! It was like a small reunion for the Strong’s.  Raegan loved being with so many cousins! Of course, we got to watch the Huntsman’s, Celebration of America, which is always amazing! We floated the river a couple times while, went to the Parade in Victor, had some cook outs, lite some fireworks (luckily the cops didn’t show up this year), did some fishing, caught Mino's, went swimming at Rexburg Rapids, went to the driving range and many other fun things. We sure miss living in Idaho!



 Morgan was in the Parade passing out popsicles on John's brother, Matt's, float-thing-a-ma-jig. ha!