Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Spring time thus far....

 I love the springs in Washington! They are the perfect weather. Occasionally we will get a nasty wind or rain storm but for the most part its sunny and enjoyable to be outside.

Our spring thus far have consisted of.....

-Visiting dad at work, taking him lunch or lending a hand whenever he needs

-Helping Papa around the farm
 -walks, lots and lots of walks! Have I ever mentioned that Washington has the prettiest sunsets.
 -Pedal bike rides. She loves her new bike. (She outgrew the old handy-me down one, so we had to upgrade)
 -Jeep rides
 -Baby Animals...Meet our ducks; Apple, Pearl, Quacker and Jingle bell, sadly Jingle bell is no longer with us. ha! Raegan had a tough time coming to terms with his death. I think it was her first real experience and was so confused about it.
 -Playing with the ducks (They only came inside once, when we first got them. They fit perfectly in the horse barn and fence. haha)
 -Crafting. (new shelf)
 -Sunglasses, because the sun is out! Hooray!
 Kynleigh chooses to wear her glasses upside down-not sure why!
 -nature hikes by the River at Grandma's.
 -exploring Ringold
 -helping with Karigan's wedding. I never got a picture of the Candy buffet with the jars filled.
 -Fishing trips
-playing with worms and dads neat hooks since the fishing was bad.
-Swimming at the Woodward's pool. Weston's First swim
 -Game nights with friends
 -Camping. Weston's first camping trip, I think he loved it ;)
.... I know they did
 -Campfire and s'mores
 -Exploring the Mountains
 -More fishing
-Lots and lots of smiles! 
 -Sprinklers under the tramp
 -Prom. The girls loved helping Morgan get ready for her Prom date! They look up to her a lot!

 -Eating out with grandpa
 -More walks + Sleeping baby = Happy Mom!
 -Playing at Grandma and Papa's
  -Pedal bike rides on all that concrete dad and uncle Luke poured
 -Visiting our neighbors new pony
 -Pony rides

 We have had one fun, busy spring and we are still enjoying every minute of it!


 Easter this year was really fun with this crazy bunch! We made our traditional Easter Nest the night before and when the girls woke up they were so excited to see what was inside. Raegan was especially excited to see what was in-store for her!
 We dyed Easter eggs, which I don't know if it's more of a hassle or more fun but the girls sure loved it. It's all about the memories, right?! At least that is what I keep telling myself. haha! Some how John and Raegan end up eating more than we save.
Reese and Crystal threw the Edler Easter egg hunt this year. It was a cold day, but we made the best of  it. We had great food, great company and tons of candy! The kids were in Heaven! Raegan knew exactly what to do this year and didn't skip an for Kynleigh she picked up a couple and opened them up, ate the candy than picked a couple more, shoved more candy in here mouth and continued getting faster and faster with the process as she was stuffing and grabbing! Weston's First Easter! He enjoyed being bundled up and past around as every oohed over him! Such a cutie!

Easter feel on General Conference Sunday so we never got to wear our Easter outfits, so the following Sunday all I wanted was one adorable family picture... Well life with 3 kids happened and I don't get much of what I want anymore ;) John had a church meeting that morning he had to be too and so I was left to try and get a picture. What might seem like success, is merely luck.
...5 minutes later all 3 were crying for NO reason what so ever! AHH!! I almost turned around and stayed home from church!  But we all survived and they looked adorable!

Thursday, May 7, 2015


 Weston has just been such a joy to have! He is my best baby yet! He is just so cuddly and content to just hang out. There was probably 3 weeks within the first 6 weeks of his life that he was super fussy, but he out grew it and has been such a good boy since!
 Here are some proud grandparents. Weston is the first Grandson on the Anderson side and his is like grandchild number #38 on the Strong side.
 John just adores him. Weston as 1 week.
 Here he is exactly one month old! They grow so fast. So when he was born he had a bit of a kinked neck (must of been too squished in my tummy) and because of it every time he did tummy time, he would roll over. So since about 4 weeks old, he has been rolling over. At 3 months his neck started getting more relaxed and the rolling over has slowed down. He will still occasionally roll over though.
 His first Sunday to Church. 4 weeks!
 Weston started smiling at about 5 weeks and hasn't stopped since! This is one of his first smiles caught on camera!
 We blessed Weston on March 1, 2015. John did a fantastic job. I just love baby blessing and the spirit and love that comes with them. I'm so proud of John! Weston was a champ too, he slept through it all and the rest of sacrament meeting as well. Double bonus!
 I was so nervous that his blessing outfit wasn't going to fit him. I bought the newborn size thinking he would be smaller than he was, like the girls. At two months he was already 12.6 lbs and growing. Good thing this outfit was stretchy. The little sweater outfit is to die for! He looked so handsome in it!
 I'm pretty sure I have the cutest baby boy ever! ;) I just love those squishy checks!
 Here is our attempt at a family photo for that day. It was cold outside so we had to resort to our next best spot in the house. I can't believe there are 5 of us now!