Thursday, November 12, 2009

My parents were able to come visit halloween weekend. I was so glad they came. I enjoyed their company. We didn't do a whole lot, but it was just fun to have them here with me and to show them around the area. Thanks again Mom and Dad for coming down and spending time with us. We miss you guys!

My little piggies are getting so big. I feel bad some mornings cause i'll go out to feed them and their water will be frozen solid and they'll come out of the barn walking so stiff cause i'm sure they are frozen! I want them to live in luxury until they have to die and end up in my freezer. ha
So the day my parents flew in, we did the whole tourist shoppong thing in Jackson, WY and we went to this one cute boutique and they had a drawing that we could enter to win this cute hand bag. Well-I WON!! A few days after I had entered the drawing, I got a phone call saying I won this hand bag. I was freaking out like a little girl. haha! I love it!
At the begining of fall, John and his brother, Luke, turned the old family suburban into the ultimate hunting rig. They put an old lift from another pickup onto the suburban and than we camouflouge it. Which wasn't that easy...that's alot of painting to do. But it turn out great. Than with the help of my amazing cricut I was able to cut them out some vinyl sayings that they wanted. haha crazy boys!
I have to admit when I drive it around I feel I have past the point of being a redneck...