Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fun weekend in Utah!

Before the races, freezing our butts off!

I told John I want this ride!

and John wants this ride
Adele and I.
This last weekend John and I went down to visit my brother Michael and his wife Brittany. My lil sis, Alison flew down for the weekend so we were all able to hang out. We all went to the supercross races, where we met up with our friends Jake and Adele. The weather was so flippin cold and it was raining off and on the whole time. By the end of the night, half my toes were numb and it took them, no kidding, over an hour to warm up. But we had a great time and enjoyed being with family!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


John and I went down to the Dodge National Finals Rodeo a couple weekends ago. It was tons of fun... I LOVE rodeos!!

Last weekend, we were fixing up fence getting ready to get our little pigs! We are going to raise a couple to butcher and share the meat with the fam. I grew up showing pigs for 4H and FFA and I miss it. haha! So, I figured, if I can't be home for summer, i'll have to bring some summer home life to me. We are using an old coral at John's moms house. It was used for cows, so we added some lower boards so our little piggys cant get out. I'm so excited to get them! I'll be sure to post more pictures.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Yay, It's almost easter!!

Last year we started to make traditions with our friends Chance and Jessica. For Valentines day we decorate sugar cookies and for Easter we dye eggs. Monday night we were over at their house and we dyed our eggs. It was alot of fun, Jessica and I seemed to be more into than the boys this year though. . .John just seemed to eat all of his, and Chance just got teased toomuch from going all-out last year. :)

...SpRiNg TiMe...

My mom and sisters were able to come visit me during their spirng break. I was SO excited to have family come down to see me. We had loads of fun, I think they need to come back soon. We went to the hill climbs in Jackson, went snowboarding, did lots of shopping:), crafts, and showed them around the valley. Thanks Mom, Alison, and Morgan for visiting me!

Here are some pictures of our adventures!