Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Spring time thus far....

 I love the springs in Washington! They are the perfect weather. Occasionally we will get a nasty wind or rain storm but for the most part its sunny and enjoyable to be outside.

Our spring thus far have consisted of.....

-Visiting dad at work, taking him lunch or lending a hand whenever he needs

-Helping Papa around the farm
 -walks, lots and lots of walks! Have I ever mentioned that Washington has the prettiest sunsets.
 -Pedal bike rides. She loves her new bike. (She outgrew the old handy-me down one, so we had to upgrade)
 -Jeep rides
 -Baby Animals...Meet our ducks; Apple, Pearl, Quacker and Jingle bell, sadly Jingle bell is no longer with us. ha! Raegan had a tough time coming to terms with his death. I think it was her first real experience and was so confused about it.
 -Playing with the ducks (They only came inside once, when we first got them. They fit perfectly in the horse barn and fence. haha)
 -Crafting. (new shelf)
 -Sunglasses, because the sun is out! Hooray!
 Kynleigh chooses to wear her glasses upside down-not sure why!
 -nature hikes by the River at Grandma's.
 -exploring Ringold
 -helping with Karigan's wedding. I never got a picture of the Candy buffet with the jars filled.
 -Fishing trips
-playing with worms and dads neat hooks since the fishing was bad.
-Swimming at the Woodward's pool. Weston's First swim
 -Game nights with friends
 -Camping. Weston's first camping trip, I think he loved it ;)
.... I know they did
 -Campfire and s'mores
 -Exploring the Mountains
 -More fishing
-Lots and lots of smiles! 
 -Sprinklers under the tramp
 -Prom. The girls loved helping Morgan get ready for her Prom date! They look up to her a lot!

 -Eating out with grandpa
 -More walks + Sleeping baby = Happy Mom!
 -Playing at Grandma and Papa's
  -Pedal bike rides on all that concrete dad and uncle Luke poured
 -Visiting our neighbors new pony
 -Pony rides

 We have had one fun, busy spring and we are still enjoying every minute of it!

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