Monday, December 14, 2015

June. Birthday, Beach, and Zoo

In the middle of June we went on a weekend trip to the Oregon Coast and we stopped at the Zoo in Portland on our way home.  My whole family went. Growing up we went to the Beach almost every summer. We have a lot of fun memories there.
 Weston's first time touching the Ocean. Too bad its always freezing water there.
 We had a fire on the beach one night and roasted marshmallows.
The little radio Raegan has on her hip was a big hit. We had them in the cars to communicate when we were traveling and Raegan had a trucker nickname for everyone. haha 
We were lucky and had nice weather. We played in the water some, build sand castles, flew kits and we rented these large tricycle paddle boats!

When we were little we loved going to the Arcade and playing the games. We were reliving our childhood memories a bit. 

 The Portland Zoo we a little overrated. A quarter of the cages were empty and than a quarter of what was left was asleep back in the far corner of their cage so you could barely see anything. The kids loved it though. That was the first time going to the Zoo for my kids. The giraffes were the favorite of the day. I think it was mostly because they were the only ones really up and moving.

 On the 22nd this handsome guy had a birthday. He really is an amazing dad and husband. We love his tons! We had pizza and cake and incited family and some friends over and played Volleyball in my parents back yard. Always a good time.

 My parents took just us out to dinner for John's birthday. It's a new tradition they are starting. After we were stuffed full we saw the dessert menu and saw that they had Baked Alaska on their menu. If you haven't tried these before, you must! It's SO delicious!!! We had it on one of the cruises we've been on before and feel in love with how yummy it is! Glad there is somewhere in Tri Cities that makes it as well!

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