Monday, December 14, 2015

June. Birthday, Beach, and Zoo

In the middle of June we went on a weekend trip to the Oregon Coast and we stopped at the Zoo in Portland on our way home.  My whole family went. Growing up we went to the Beach almost every summer. We have a lot of fun memories there.
 Weston's first time touching the Ocean. Too bad its always freezing water there.
 We had a fire on the beach one night and roasted marshmallows.
The little radio Raegan has on her hip was a big hit. We had them in the cars to communicate when we were traveling and Raegan had a trucker nickname for everyone. haha 
We were lucky and had nice weather. We played in the water some, build sand castles, flew kits and we rented these large tricycle paddle boats!

When we were little we loved going to the Arcade and playing the games. We were reliving our childhood memories a bit. 

 The Portland Zoo we a little overrated. A quarter of the cages were empty and than a quarter of what was left was asleep back in the far corner of their cage so you could barely see anything. The kids loved it though. That was the first time going to the Zoo for my kids. The giraffes were the favorite of the day. I think it was mostly because they were the only ones really up and moving.

 On the 22nd this handsome guy had a birthday. He really is an amazing dad and husband. We love his tons! We had pizza and cake and incited family and some friends over and played Volleyball in my parents back yard. Always a good time.

 My parents took just us out to dinner for John's birthday. It's a new tradition they are starting. After we were stuffed full we saw the dessert menu and saw that they had Baked Alaska on their menu. If you haven't tried these before, you must! It's SO delicious!!! We had it on one of the cruises we've been on before and feel in love with how yummy it is! Glad there is somewhere in Tri Cities that makes it as well!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

On the River

 We have spent a lot of time this summer on the River and I wouldn't change a thing. My parents live right next to the river we go jet skiing on. Their neighbors own a dock that they let us use. So it has been very convenient. Usually some one crashes before the party is over. It was almost 8pm in this picture. I seriously love how light it stays in the summer time. Bed time around here is optional in the summer!
 One time while down along the river. Mylee (Luke and Alison's dog) scared up a deer and her fawn. The baby got left behind. She has to be a day old if that. Seriously the cutest thing ever! We wanted to take her home with us. ...but we didn't! 
 We've also done some fishing on the river this summer. Thanks to our friends (Mindy and Mikal) for inviting us along. We seem to enjoy it and when the fishing is bad, we just eat snacks and play! We have made some good memories on the river this summer!
Weston is an excellent sleeper.  and Kynleigh loves the wind blowing through her hair. Silly girl! haha

Weston Strong

5 Months 6.7.15

Weston's first time with baby food was a success! The kid lives to eat! At 5 1/2 months he still had no teeth, was starting to sit up and was sleeping 8 hours straight.
 Weston is a belly sleeper. They are the cutest! As soon as he could roll over, he was on his belly.
 Cool dude for sure! haha
 John loves holding the kids like this. They make quite a team!
 Weston is lucky he has two big sisters who love him!
He is the best baby I've had yet! He is always so smiley and laughing. He is very ticklish and has the cutest laugh. We are sure lucky to have in our family! He definitely helps make our home a Happy home!

Friday, August 14, 2015


 Sometimes when we go fishing, we take our vicious taco dog! ha!
The girls seem to really love fishing. We've been able to go quite a bit this summer. 
Morgan caught this picture of my little family out fishing.
So I copied and captured this one of John. I love these two pictures.
 Morgan joins us sometimes too.

 Raegan has "caught" fish before, but usually someone else hooks it and she will reel it in. But here, she cast her pole, hooked a fish and reeled it in all by herself. She even help take him off the hook. So proud of this little fisherman!


 Have I ever told anyone, I'm a thrill seeker?! Because I totally am! I love love love ridding bikes and doing anything that pushes the danger limit...John sometimes doesn't like it because I scare him. We have had such a hot summer that we haven't rode much at all, but earlier summer and spring we got to go and I'm excited for it to cool off so we can go some more!

I love that my sisters, sister in laws and my awesome friend Aubrey all love to go  riding too! It always better when there is other girls there!  #dirtygirls for life! hahaha I've always wanted to be in a gang ;) well now I can say I am. Its a long story, but that is our biker name! 

Luke Bryan Concert

Talk about the BEST concert EVER! Luke Bryan is such a great entertainer and he is definitely easy on the eyes! ha! Going to concerts with my mom and sisters in our new thing! and I LOVE it! We always have a good time. The concerts we've gone to are normally up in Spokane, so we go up early that day, shop, eat out and than go to the concert! Fun girls trip for sure!

 Pretty sure he was shaking it for me in this picture...just don't tell John! ;) haha Glad we brought the binoculars so we could glass him! ha!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Spring time thus far....

 I love the springs in Washington! They are the perfect weather. Occasionally we will get a nasty wind or rain storm but for the most part its sunny and enjoyable to be outside.

Our spring thus far have consisted of.....

-Visiting dad at work, taking him lunch or lending a hand whenever he needs

-Helping Papa around the farm
 -walks, lots and lots of walks! Have I ever mentioned that Washington has the prettiest sunsets.
 -Pedal bike rides. She loves her new bike. (She outgrew the old handy-me down one, so we had to upgrade)
 -Jeep rides
 -Baby Animals...Meet our ducks; Apple, Pearl, Quacker and Jingle bell, sadly Jingle bell is no longer with us. ha! Raegan had a tough time coming to terms with his death. I think it was her first real experience and was so confused about it.
 -Playing with the ducks (They only came inside once, when we first got them. They fit perfectly in the horse barn and fence. haha)
 -Crafting. (new shelf)
 -Sunglasses, because the sun is out! Hooray!
 Kynleigh chooses to wear her glasses upside down-not sure why!
 -nature hikes by the River at Grandma's.
 -exploring Ringold
 -helping with Karigan's wedding. I never got a picture of the Candy buffet with the jars filled.
 -Fishing trips
-playing with worms and dads neat hooks since the fishing was bad.
-Swimming at the Woodward's pool. Weston's First swim
 -Game nights with friends
 -Camping. Weston's first camping trip, I think he loved it ;)
.... I know they did
 -Campfire and s'mores
 -Exploring the Mountains
 -More fishing
-Lots and lots of smiles! 
 -Sprinklers under the tramp
 -Prom. The girls loved helping Morgan get ready for her Prom date! They look up to her a lot!

 -Eating out with grandpa
 -More walks + Sleeping baby = Happy Mom!
 -Playing at Grandma and Papa's
  -Pedal bike rides on all that concrete dad and uncle Luke poured
 -Visiting our neighbors new pony
 -Pony rides

 We have had one fun, busy spring and we are still enjoying every minute of it!